Bitcoin Split- Be Prepared for the Fork

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Thanks for everyone watching and subscribing to my channel and joining my report group! check out my links below. In this video I want to give you an idea on what I am looking for in the Hard fork, Segwit, segwit2x conversation. The bitcoin chain split is happening and i want to let you know what I am looking for to happen and what I think will be the outcome. be safe and make sure you have your private keeps and if you can get your bitcoin in a offline cold storage wallet.Thank you everyone for watching and subscribing to my channel!


Adolf Hipster says:

Thnx for these updates brother…keep it up

Tommaso Battista says:

Could both new BTCs soar up in the fork situation? or it's definitely not gonna happen simultaneously for both of them? thanks mates

ngs5150 says:

Fish: boat alert ! Boat alert! not safe to eat the worms guys!

Robert Luber says:

It seems to be a positive with every negative. With the price of bit coin dropping I think it's a great time to get back in. Huge upside potential overtime. When people are scared they sell, I buy. When people are so positive the price goes up, I sell. The old buy low sell high conundrum. Lol. Interesting times ahead

N. Marie Fuller says:

what do you think of the wallet?

rkl08551 says:

there is no split…


This is nice….very nice. Just make all your videos on the water please.

Adam Smith-Whilburg-Gonzalez says:

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ace2c101 says:

I am new to the crypto world I  can't get a delivery date for the Ledger Nano S  until September 4, 2017,   that's after the FORK I will have to try the paper wallet thanks for the tip.Anyone wants to donate some BTC or Ether to me I would really appreciate it.
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Dh K says:

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Bernard B says:

Great scenery! Is it safe to store the bitcoins in Blockchain, since they're not an exchange? Nice info by the way, really helpful.

r2stik says:

even poorest people on earth have MONEY. when they have bitcoin? that's the day! buy water stocks – buy pure water stocks!

NMD says:

Hey smart guys: you believe in the Chinese whales theory? I saw zero hedge's article showing BTC and ETH moving TOGETHER perfectly and thought, "aw, fuck, deep state fucked our currency with ransomware shakedowns." Hope I'm wrong and it ain't that bad.

hommygt says:

So would it be smarter to wait and buy bitcoin after the fork happens, or purchase it now?

MaZe Music says:

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Ceplock Creative Channel says:

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Tatalocasa28 says:

Would any paper wallet support this fork? Thx

Clipper440 Clipper440 says:

nice office 🙂

Jill Peters says:

Great clear explanations thank you Austin – looks like a great day on the lake !

Muhammad Furqan says:

Thank a lot for these videos.
what is the importance of July 21?

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