Bitcoin To $144,000 | AurumCoin Mooning On Coinmarketcap?! Hmmm…

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: AurumCoin went crazy on Coinmarketcap, why? Bitcoin is still in the rising wedge, so where will the Bitcoin price go? Also, I want to make a Bitcoin price prediction based on a research out of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) advisory firm Satis Group. They are bullish on the Bitcoin price for 2018, 2019 and beyond. And also as always, I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction.

0:50 2 Heads & 4 Shoulders
8:11 Small Rising Wedge
9:20 AurumCoin
13:11 Bitcoin To $144,00

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The Moon says:

10% Off Fees On Bitmex:
0:50 2 Heads & 4 Shoulders
8:11 Small Rising Wedge
9:20 AurumCoin
13:11 Bitcoin To $144,00

Ad Soy says:

I would definitely buy more xrp when it goes to $0.004.. thats a lot of blood in the streets. 🙂

mow940 says:

Only thing I can say that people who do good technical analysis lack common sense

mow940 says:

Carl you are out of your mind?

Social Crusader says:

Hey Carl, fantastic video like always! I feel that BTC has formed a bullish cup'n handle with the aggressive buying and vertical movement on the right side of the cup. Its an incredible time to be alive. Thanks for your hard work and determination. ? May the source of the vacuums force be with you. ?

Brandon Villatuya says:

AurumCoin all the way back down to like 30 something bucks. Saw that coming lol. So at the moment I saw that. Which was before any news of it made it out. I probably could have made a quick 100% on cryptopia. But I decided not to get involved that was pretty interesting to watch tho

Senne Trenson says:

Couldn't agree more on XRP and BCH. Both are scams IMO.

Wayne Brindley says:

Coil is up and running. Micro payments. For content. Another game changer.

Fatal Fury says:

Monero my fav …very very undervalued for the potencial

Wayne Brindley says:

Carl have a look and study (The digital asset invester) u tube, see for yourself. Also I ask u to look at and compare 2014 BTC charts to 2018 chart, unbelievable similar. 2014 BTC droped a lot lower. ??

Zoran Jovic says:

Lol he actually posted aurum, hey dude how much aurum now??? Lost 98% in couple of hrs hahahaahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Gary Stevenson says:

You underestimate XRP. I can only think that you have not researched it properly.

john ceschiat says:

Oh my god you have just decoded the last book of the bible about the 144 000

Mike Oxlong says:

144K bitcoin = ~300 usd fees to get in the next block. yay

Woojae Sung says:

current bill in circulation is about 1.8 trillion and 21 million bitcoin x 143900 = 3.1 trillion?

Eusebio Corniel says:

You will be wrong and the coin its xrp

Phil Calfee says:

Love your content bro, but your naiveté is showing. BCH is not a scam.

Ryan Shaeffer says:

Huge long term head an shoulders still intact, look all the way back on day chart around the second crash in the first shoulder. if that plays out we could catapult to 10k easy

kebman says:

What I really don't like about Cardano, is how they hint that it will be friendly to regulators and law-makers. If it is, then how on earth can we trust it? Cash is in fact more trustworthy than Cardano! Why? Because if you give cash to someone else, there is no way for a third party to know you were there unless they are there watching, or if your trading partner opens his mouth. Even then, it would be word against word. That's a tall order, when you're dealing with a mutual record, which I'm afraid Bitcoin also is. While I like how Cardano is environmentally friendly Proof of Stake, it can't really beat Monero as far as trust goes, and in this world, trust is everything because it's the key to adoption and thus real power.

Filipe Fortes says:

Good evening Carl! What's going on with the current Doge pump? I thought Doge was a joke coin . . .

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