Bitcoin to $25,000. XRP to $5. XLM to $1. NEO to $200. OMG to $50. Price Predictions for January.

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A market update: NEVER FORGET BITCOIN IS KING. It’s wrath on altcoins will be coming soon based on our charts. KEEP YOUR STOP LOSSES in place.

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In my opinion, and looking at the charts, I believe that Bitcoin will be at $27,000-$28,000 in 30-45 days if it moves above $14,400 and holds. So set your stop losses (in BTC) so that when Bitcoin makes its run, you can capitalize on bitcoins run as well.

If you have never seen Bitcoin flex before, then you will not understand. Altcoins can bleed 40-200% while bitcoin is running because everyone jumps from it. Once bitcoin becomes stabilized, money will return to the alts once again.

My price predictions for the next 30 days:
Bitcoin to $25,000.
XRP to $5.
XLM to $1.
NEO to $200.
OMG to $50.

Good luck and happy trading!


Bob Martins says:

Lol sounds like a product of haejn. Or a copy without guving credit. Not sure which one, either well done.

James True says:

I think you are missing MOON. It's right at that spot where it's small but just big enough to burst real soon. Just needs a fair review from folks like you. I can see Target and Grocery Stores using MOON for shopper rewards programs.

nickyr10 says:

Hi Guys – new to the channel but I am liking what I see and hear , is the signal profits sign up leggit ? – can anyone support the success ?

Crypto Coach says:

Any thoughts on COLX ?

Andrei Phantom says:

OPINION: should i keep bitcoin and wait for it to rise in the next few days or buy ripple?

Jay French says:

1Q9iAXgC859SsEtY6g1sgdyshmrxNVhPM8 send a 7yr old kid $1 bitcoin cash

KungFuChess says:

Only problem is without enough transactions happening, keeping the mining rigs running to validate transactions will be pointless after all these coins are mined.

Todd Macaulay says:

Loved the content, first time I have tuned in.

File later to avoid an audit? Have never heard that one, I think you can be audited back for up to five years so I am not sure if this makes a difference or not.

Keep meticulous records for taxes. The burden of proof is on you not on the IRS.

Jim Scheltema says:

In addition to decentralized exchanges, I suggest moving coins to your Ledger wallet. You won't have a Mt. Gox problem either…

Daro Diaz says:

i literally dont understand any of this shit because im very new to crypto… can someone link me to a vid on exactly how i could buy different cryptocurrencies so i could make money? i dont want to get robbed by hackers

Shaun Ripple says:

Tron trx is moving up in the top 15! 👍

Vincent Chan says:

Can someone bless me some Bitcoin?

Mr Tim says:

yeah i sadly sold my verge today. doesn't look good

Demetrius Hawkins says:

I would love to sign up for your course however, it's not in my budget right now! I also wanted to say you do a great job with breaking things down man! I appreciate your videos!

kamlesh makwana says:

What about xvg price prediction in next 2months

kev control says:

Do you like Tron ?

Bo Bowidowicz says:

EXCELLENT Analysis… well done.

Bitcoin to $25,000. XRP to $5. XLM to $1. NEO to $200. OMG to $50. Price Predictions for January.

thang trinh says:

What software if any are you using to track profits from your trades with the 2018 tax rule changes in the USA?

Lelong DeSampu says:

Bitcoin to 25k with hardly any remarkable advantage over Alt coin, ahhh I don't think so!

Sarah Goodman says:

the ad on your video says $7 for 30 day trial on your signal profits. On the website it says 14 & 30 days on different places. Please can you let me know which is correct as its very confusing.

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