Bitcoin to $91.000? Bittrex removes ALTCOINS

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Is Bitcoin going to $91.000? We also discuss the environmental movent Crypto Hour, Bittrex removing altcoin and other news and stats.

Get your coffee and breakfast ready and we will get straight into it!

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Ivan on Tech is all about cryptocurrencies and the technology behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA. We also cover Bitcoin price, altcoin price, investing, analytics, different altcoins.

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


Ivan on Tech says:

Does PoS EVEN WORK? Programmer explains.

pedro magoo says:

We must remember that everything other than Bitcoin are alt coins…limiting alt coins is control… everything that cryptos suggest they are not…in life it's always buyer beware..and 70percent of legit business start ups fail…it's no difference in crypto land…do morons expect to win all the time…lol and they call themselves investors lol…investigate your investment s…

pedro magoo says:

It will only go that high if hyper inflation happens…a loaf of bread a hundred bucks…it's relative… physical metals will out perforn…

Girl Fight Talk says:

I'm considering buying your course. Can you provide your credentials as to why you are qualifies to teach? Have you created Dapp on the ETH blockchain?

Matthew Aislabie says:

Cryptopia has alot of alt coins

Andreas Nowak says:

Much better session setup than the day before !

Vince Beaubien says:

Awsome content ! your the man

roadstar499 says:

Bitcoin and litecoin will dominate!

Gerret Paulsen says:

im sorry, but i think the price wont stop at 91k if its rising. The magical mark will be the 100k.

Kurdish Investor says:

I like the set up… Im here before 1m subs

Roy Decaestecker says:

Hi Ivan, Have you considered offering your course on "Bitdegree"?

Jim Dean says:

$91.000 < $91,000

Donna Forsythe says:

Why not teach programming with ADA?

monckey wrench says:

is that $91,000 or $91.000?

Caith Hunt says:

Your course sounds great!?

chau nguyen says:

what tech stack are you using for the training website? Is it a SaaS app? subscription model? It will be open-sourced? It will take USD and crypto? send invoices?

g zdoggie says:

quality commentary always. thanks for addressing shilling you course 🙂 that's awesome bro 🙂

Chris Carter says:

Super excited to hear about you guys open sourcing your solution to crypto integration – that's probably the most important thing you could possibly do, best of luck.

much96 says:

A solution for business accepting Bitcoins would be awesome!

T AB says:

smash dem likes

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