Bitcoin Today – Quick Update

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Bitcoin moving as expected, good action so far and overall the head and shoulders is acting as expected.

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Paul A says:

bitcoin is watching.. Bitcoin knows yawl getting exited.. Beware

Neana Gani says:

I'm in AZ too! Deer Valley area. Good idea to get up to the mountains for some snow. Really appreciate your channel and insights.

Emanuel Collado says:

18k vs 4k✔

Chris Shermer says:

one thing , just a suggestion.. it would be cool if you went a bit deeper.. add a few more indicators. moving averages and such for education , fib ? older resistance supports etc ..thnx

chetan gandhi says:

Please try to reply as you're heading for vacation you won't get a chance, I regularly follow almost all your videos

Chris Shermer says:

so now  its moved past your downward hs trendline and wick just  above the neckline..I am still waiting for westcoast to sell of before weekend..but nothing yet….still feels like this is a fake upside move and we might yet hit the measured move DS target..hope so ..volume quite low –rsi macd both oversold on the 2h ……so many conflicting signals ..what about your short pos  randy?  have great weekend with the family man …dont get headandshoulders stuck underneath the snow haha 😉

chetan gandhi says:

I still don't get it, are we going up towards 15k or going down to 5k?

Antonin Grenier says:

a legitimate right shoulder is supposed to reach at least the same difference from the neck line as the left shoulder?

Jazz Deus says:

18k vs 4k : we will see. I bet 4K

edwardpowellmusic says:

The saga continues! Thanks Bro > love your vids!! 🙂

Notorious544d says:

Head shoulderception

Oleksii Lukianenko says:

"short open" Do you have a chance to open short position on Bitcoin? Is it possible?

anil ganesh says:

Informative as always. Enjoy the trip, stay warm!

Anthony Brown says:

Thanks for the videos, always good info! I am also in AZ and pretty new to charts. Any recommendations on where to start when learning them?

Darkside Crypto - says:

I always look forward to your updates. Thanks again

relaxin67 says:

In the current 3 day downtrend, is there any significance to the peaks (up) growing in amplitude, but flattening out (more time)? [FYI, i started watching your webinar, and I only have about 3 months experience with crypto.]

Ash Jones says:

Comments like "this trader is totally clueless" are as pathetic as the experts typing them.

The track record I have seen so far has been great from Randy!

I myself am sitting in cash waiting on a downtrend to re-enter the market!

Ade Austin says:

Yes, you’ve just shown you adjust trend lines based on data.
I adjusted them exactly like you did. That’s good.
Good teacher.
Enjoy your holiday matey.

Ana Martínez says:

This "trader" is totally clueless

scig gler says:

Is market going to crash to chicken wings?

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