Bitcoin UP Before Going To $3,000? | 66,000 BTC Moved By Whale?? | SEC Vs. Blockvest

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

0:49 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
10:50 Ethereum Technical Analysis
15:27 Mining Difficulty!
19:19 SEC Vs. Blockvest: Bullish?
20:58 G20 Regulation
22:04 Bitcoin Whale?

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The Moon says:

BitMEX Affiliate Link 10%:
0:49 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
10:50 Ethereum Technical Analysis
15:27 Mining Difficulty!
19:19 SEC Vs. Blockvest: Bullish?
20:58 G20 Regulation
22:04 Bitcoin Whale?

Patreon Videos:
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Glenn Davis says:

I think BTC is showing a symmetrical triangle and it will break low and go to 3000 before it breaks to the upside.

Michael Franklin says:

No can predict the market right,I think we should just still invest.

Mike Holston says:

Bearish continuation wedge. You just need to redraw the bottom line. I did the same thing.

Asawa Paul says:

hi, i'm an expert treader after i water your video I'm not sure that you really have knowlage about treading

bob barker says:

dec 2012 was the end of the world from the mayan calender… good times

Alex Winkler says:

I can't get over how amazingly cheap crypto is to send. We use it for about 40% of our companies payouts right now

Artist Bay-Area says:

droping $15k soon

Keun Lee says:

Graphs are severely altered manually, which does not have any meaning out of it.

Keun Lee says:

Yes whales are busy to dump bitcoin to market before price gets lower. Look at graph pattern, then you will see what they are doing with coins.

cooper humphery says:

It is too early to throw in the towel on the case of Bitcoin, every currency has its own dip time

Kyle Stagoll says:

it's running on horizontals atm, not patterns… patterns are for bull markets.

Learning Now says:

I personally don't think whales care to Bitcoin market at all! Their own profit is what they exactly care! So dumping Bitcoin is quite possible!

P Pan says:

EOS falling! Anyone know anything?

Distortednet says:

I disagree strongly that bitcoin is not of interest to banking systems. Your assumption that everyone will switch to bitcoin because its decentralized I think is misguided. Most people don't care about security, and out of the ones that do only an extremely small percentage even bother to do anything about it. The responsibility of security is something consumers consistently demand and push off on companies to handle. Why do you think password mangers didn't become popular until cloud based password managers became a thing? Not many people wanted to store, back up, and maintain their own password databases using software like keepass instead. Even my mom uses a cloud based password manager instead of something more self manageable. Knowing how consumer markets work in regards to security, I can promise that decentralization is not a realistic threat to the banking system in any way. I think they will design products around it anyways, and the decentralized nature of bitcoin literally won't matter except to the small percentage that are concerned about that. We may see some attacks on bitcoin, but I think the assumption made should be considered from a different perspective.

Doug N says:

thats not a falling wedge you're charting TA incorrectly

Raymond Garcia says:

is it correct to draw the trend lines on the wick or should it be on the close of the candles?

R James says:

Bitcoin holding up stubbornly.

Short squeeeeze coming?

kirian gorich says:

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dowjones -3.1%,

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