BITCOIN – Where are we Heading???

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Michael Lawson says:

Without being pessimistic it would be a bonus if you could inform us of what setbacks there will be when the tax laws come into practice , the banks buy in huge and manipulate certain prices and the legal backing the casual layman can fall back on , multiple forks , private trade platforms etc , goverments banning their citizens from investing / speculating etc.
All these things are going to have some or other influence on the big picture . Thanks in advance.

Brian Robben says:

Wishing you all the profits and riches in 2018!

nole 89 says:

You are most likely correct, but keep in mind there is a lot of scaling FUD associated with bitcoin currently. If this doesn’t get resolved in 2018 another crypto may take it’s place.

soorgolf1234 says:

Awesome vid Phil! Thanks for the insight. I'm hodling btc

Nunya Biznezz says:

I sent a tweet out with a link to this video. Thanks Phil! #Verge #Bitcoin #TRX #ADA #FUN #BCN

Andrew Wan says:

Ok, so I see that you're looking at a resumption of the uptrend within the next few months as BTC works out its sloshiness as your said. But how do you factor in some of the underlying fundamentals such as the rise in altcoins (esp. XRP which seems to be stealing market share from BTC), and high transaction fees/times (which have resulted in technological changes and the rise of the altcoins)? Not to mention the overall number of altcoins continue to increase. I think there's a new paradigm happening now and the proportion of marketcap dominated by BTC will continue to erode as time goes on. Your thoughts?

mascar33 says:

Happy New Year Phil. So glad to have found you're channel a few weeks ago.

The Pman Van says:

Thx for all your work. Have a great 2018.

Shalom Dunn says:

You kick ass Phil!

CarlosGunX says:

Happy New Year, Phil, Bob, and the rest.. Thumbs up!

Crypt0Crew says:

Awesome… that looks like a pretty sweet trajectory and maybe it will accelerate! Have a Happy New Year!!!

Crypto Photo says:

Awesome info, love your analysis. However, I don’t think you can apply these traditional chart/graph type predictions to BTC. You have to consider current events. BTC doesn’t work in its current form, fees are too high and transactions are slow. People are all in when it works and they are making money but when that isn’t the case they’ll seek an alternative…. ie move BTC into alts, where to profits are being made at the moment. Absent some big BTC news or change in tech, wouldn’t surprise me if BTC slowly falls ftom here on.

Product - says:

I bought a whole BTC at 18.2k and idk what to do, should I sell or just hold??

Peter Muszka says:

With so many Bitcoin forks and dozens of fast, cheap, smart Ethereum tokens I still wonder when people predict 50,000 and 70,000 and million dollar Bitcoin worth for 2018. Wake up people, Bitcoin is not capable of doing anything, besides being slow and expensive. Compare it to any token and you will see it’s true value.

Stacey Buckland says:

Jolly good..😎

Mike OZ says:


Mike OZ says:

The masses are losing faith in Bitcoin due to all the bad publicity & the fact the idiots running it refuse to scale up!!

Macroco says:

Graph between when bitcoin was at $5k and dropped to 3K earlier this year is almost identical to whats going on these last couple months.. its eerie

Kyle Palmer says:

Thanks TG, Happy New Year to you all!!

Jenny Jenson says:

Great info. Thanks for the overview!

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