BITCOIN: Why It’s About to Start HEATING UP!! If You Own at Least 0.1 BTC You Need to See This!

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The race to own at least 1 BTC is on! How $BTC is slowly gaining massive awareness. The latest #Bitcoin banking app, altcoins heating up, $XRP on BitMEX, $ICX insane 500% pump, blockchain for supply logistics, crypto news, and more!

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Intro Credit:

2:40 Markets 〽️
3:09 Bitcoin analysis:
7:17 BTC safe haven:
8:41 Do you own at least one BTC?
13:59 XRP = Dogsh*t?
15:11 Mode BTC banking app:
17:10 Food on the blockchain:

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. This is just my opinion. Always do your own research before investing. I am not responsible for your trades…

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Crypto Zombie says:

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Christophe Giraud says:

Not owning BTC for now, just trading it.

Paulie says:

Jon Bovi stacks sats

Mats Andersen says:

Goal: 0.1😂😂

Nicolas Baker says:

i have .68 BTC..come on tax return! i want 1

Fat Bago says:

Good video man props

jja.public Asanza says:

Im interested. Let me win some ledger

FreeofEvil says:

hate to say it but i don't think with all the hype it will happen anytime soon. the govt does all they can to prevent even a small percentage of people from prospering. they have nothing better to do.

barnibizer says:

i have about 11 bitcoins….and 6k pounds worth of Ether….targeting min 100k, hoping for silly blow off to 150-200k

Miroslav Ivanov says:

Im at 0.8 btc and 3 eth for now 😀 …

Darran Quinn says:

Great vidz as always!

haji Loi says:

love the intro

Petrik Rossa says:

ledger please

tigarNVTS says:

Ledger is mine

Mimmos Rosebank says:

Got a few btcs and lots of trx and lots of eth

Alexandre Jelsch says:

Hold few of them

Theresé Hall says:

Great intro

Vivetytwo says:

Bitcoin will not be a veblen good, because you can't show it. Nothing visuable to impress.

Ruby Roman says:

Trading has been very delightful for me since I changed brokers, I will most likely make an extra 1.5btc before the end of the week.

Boruta says:

This comment has been written to increase the reach of the video.

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