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Klaus Altersberger says:

thanx a million Chris … always soooooo valuable content <3

Joe Bazooka says:

How come you are not talking about Qtum Mainnet end of August? The project is high in the MC and the ATH was at $100. Is that not important?

Joe Bazooka says:

KAVA is one of the best DEFI projects if not THE Best

Chris Mclroy says:

Like number 735. Thanks.

Driskill Daren james says:

So how do i become a member of trading group??

Hellietje says:

Have a look at $VIDT, Adopted and used by big companies like IBM and Airbus, revenue, monthly burn en buyback and a low supply. They just went into price discovery and will easily x10 from this point. Protecting your digital data against fraud and manipulation. Already used by BIG global clients, real use cases, scarce supply, transparent and hard working team, monthly token burn and buyback that is reflecting a % of the usage. DYOR

Marcus Robertson says:


Bryony Coates-Rees says:

Time for the news from the Robin Hood of crypto. Chris is a legend.

Kelly Moore says:

Great news for Zilliqa & unstoppable domains.. .Crypto now supported on
Coinbase.. keep an eye on Zilliqa
Possible break happening..

Jeff Duvall says:

Thanks again for all the information Chris !!! I'm enjoying the group videos are packed with a ton of information !!! I appreciate all you do !!!

BigMike says:

STPT is gonna breakout. Short- mid term hold!!

Michael Gallegos says:

Well done, thanks

G ROUX504 says:

Yeah Coach Chris. you can send and receive BTC. In my opinion the cheapest onramp for BTC. Its how I funded my Binance account.

wolf 762 says:

Hey Chris. Ava! I posted a chart for that in group on 6/20 when it was at 33 cents. Thanks for everything you teach and all of your dedication.

Duece1975 says:

Thank you for today's news.

indysolana says:


Oliver Halsman Rosenberg says:

Cant find where to buy AVA on binance…..

rubix2007 says:

Respect, for changing so many peoples lives. What a guy

Tracey Logan says:

Hi, does anybody know if you can draw trendlines on trading veiw free charts? Other drawing tools work except I cant draw trend lines. no lines just get circles where i click , I could not find anything in trading veiw settings or google. thankyou

peter 3465342477 says:

flip flops ,chilling ,love it

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