Bitcoin Will Outperform Almost Every Altcoin in 2019! Here Is Why! [Cryptocurrency Theory]

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Watch this whole video to understand my theory: I think Bitcoin will rally up over all time highs and the altcoins will rally then fall.
Do you agree or disagree? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Karl Netzler says:

Your insight and analysis has made your channel my favorite of all the crypto channels. Keep up the great work.

Elisabeth Harper says:

Last year taught everyone a good lesson concerning cryptocurrency, and I got into the crypto market mid-2018 after a friend introduced me to bitcoin. I bought 5 BTC, and I left it in my wallet expecting the price to increase in some months time following the instructions I got from my friend but it never happened, in short, the reverse was what I saw, not until I found a beginners trading post talking about a strategy on how to trade and make profit and I contacted the person in charge, Mr. Dominic Connor, he explained to me the different ways to make profit in this bearish market. I invested 2 BTC of my coin, and it quickly rose to 6 BTC towards the end of December 2018, and I was convinced it is the best way to make a good profit from Bitcoin. If you're still confused about the steps to take this year I urge you to contact dominicconnor33@gmail. com for all your cryptocurrency questions, strategy and beginners coaching.

chrisybanks says:

Great vid Aaron. 5000 in ETN for 10 years. btc has mooned already im picking a project that has more room to expand. but btc will hit a million one day.

joelercoaster says:

I say it depends on how much you got to lose… if you got 50k+ looking to invest then yeah you probably want something more conservative or “less risky” but if you only got 5K to invest you only got 5k to lose so I’m going with higher risk for higher rewards which is those potential 50-200x Alts so I say it just comes down to your capital

R T says:

FuxK You !

metal garurumon says:

I hope not. Because I am digibyte user.

fcastle says:

No way in hell BTC will be the top performer, i'd doubt it will outperform any of the top 20 coins in a bull market. It's the safest bet perhaps but no way in hell it will be best performer in a bull market, and I have already bet on that. I'd rather spread money over 10 alt coins, some of which have 100x-300x+ potential, BTC does not.

Anamnesia says:

I think your reason is sound. I expect a $300,000 BTC by end of 2022. $10,000 invested into BTC over the course of 2019 I believe will produce a million dollar portfolio by end of 2022. That's my plan anyway.

pedro says:

i whould PICk NEO & BITCOIN ( ONLY ) 🙂

fcastle says:

BTC will outperform most coins but not the top alt coins, those will far outperform BTC

D B says:

I hate giving investment advice, but Ive made a fortune with crypto, and the truth is everyone needs to start buying Reddcoin (RDD). Why? Its one of the only coins that has ZERO competition. No other crypto offers RDD's product, where it will be directly incorporated in your social media sites (fb, twitter etc) and its use case is extraordinary. Its partnerships are blooming. RDD will be the sleeping giant of the next altcoin surge. Super cheap right now. Great buying time

Robert Tomkinson says:

You should only invest 79% into bitcoin and use the other 1% to invest in a long shot like fidgetSpinnercoin or littleSuzysArtsandCraftcoin. You never know. You could hit the jackpot.

Nerped says:

This is awesome. Definitely life changing. This is the time. Start early to have a nice passive income. Thank me later.


I used to be an alt coin boy myself and all I can say is that I'm glad so many ppl still believe in xrp and ada. It just means that when bitcoin finally takes off there will be more satoshis for me

Brandon Murray says:

I feel like some of these ALTS like Monero LTC Decred eos ethereum atleast one of these will outperform BTC However WHO KNOWS? nobody!

Brad Wu says:

You're wrong.. Dead wrong. The logic is confused here. Obviously btc will push the "pump" then alt coins will follow because btc has greatest liquidity (obviously). People (new money) doesnt go from fiat to Cardano at critical mass for example.

David Roger says:

gettin sick everytime I see prices that "high" 2014 *insertMADsmiley xD

Brooke Evans says:

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Malik Kamran says:

Fuckin shit btc rip alts coin rip

Giak Q says:

I don't think so. EOS will outperform every other crypto in the next bull run.

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