Bitcoin’s First Lightning Payment Successful

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A Java Developer just used Bitcoin Lightning Network to successfully complete a payment to his cell phone company. BitRefill is a cellular provider that already accepts Bitcoin as payment, and one customer in particular just made his payment to them using an in-development protocol known as Lightning.

Lightning is one of the proposed scalability solutions for Bitcoin, as well as all of the other coins that are built on the the Bitcoin core. This process allows payments between parties to be setup ahead of time on a private ledger and have the funds transfer back and forth without the required verification on the blockchain. Whenever either party desires to resolve the contract, both parties are credited for the amount of BTC that resides at that time in each of their columns on that Lightning Ledger.


Saad says:

It’s sitting at ALL TIME HIGH

JesusChrist5000 says:

Chasing all these new altcoins that could be the one that replaces bitcoin, or litecoin, or ethereum, or ripple,. All of these new altccins potentially "going to the moon", only to be replaced a few weeks later by some other up and coming altcoin before the previous one even gets into earth orbit. This proves to me that actual gold and silver will never be obsolete, especially as a store of value.

Cryptorose says:

We need that lightning Network implemented. Pressure on Bitcoin Core fix issues.

SunTrib Fashion says:

When Ripple(XRP) blooms, the BTC price goes down!
When BCH, ETH and LTC bloom, the BTC price goes up !

Alpherix says:

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Carlos Magnani says:

Ngc up 100%

Carlos Magnani says:

Ngc i told u

Henrik Wallin says:

The Lightning Network is just polishing a turd. Bitcoin legacy can't be used for anything except forking and being an intermediate coin on Binance and Bittrex. And now they want to make an unusable coin somewhat useful? Why? Why not use a usable coin instead?

This will be a clusterfuck. I am still predicting Bitcoin dominace <1% in 2018. Just look at the trade on all the exchanges on Coinmarketcap: If the exchange doesn't force people onto Bitcoin-pairs and have XRP listed, XRP is the biggest trade in almost all of them. These people will not switch to a currency that is worse than XRP! They might use XLM or IOTA if that is even better, but hardly Litecoin or the totally unusable Bitcoin.

Worth comparing with is that IOTA has its Flash Channels that are similar to the Lightning Network. But IOTA has that on a Tangle with free fast transactions. How can Bitcoin compete with that?

Dex4Sure says:

Buttcoin dead

James Hardon says:

what do you think of elixir and privatix?

john colera says:

Here's a great link to the lighting network I found that explains it. At the end of the video he says Lite Coin will use this sooner than Bitcoin will.

Henry Michael says:

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Prince Sohal says:

Hey guys can you talk about XP coin? Seems like it has been on fire!

Juicefulll says:

This might be pretty bad for cardano's ADA too. Any thoughts on this?


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Entre em contato.

Kyle Aldrich says:

Haha, Elliot are you a hater or just a pessimistic person in general? Sit back and watch it rally… maybe just a little today but on January 2nd you're going to see a bull run up to $17k or $20k like never before.

yMaczin_ says:

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Orlando Eisenreich says:

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Gryphon says:

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