Bitcoin's Most Likely Next Move?

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Bitcoin’s rally seems to have stalled so far at the 61.8% fibonacci retracement level. A recent rally failed to move above that level. So what could this mean for BTC? We look at the charts. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD

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Jeremy Rush says:

Thanks again buddy for sharing you point of view always love your view point thanks again 🙂

MyWanderingIsland says:

Alessio is only bearish

Facepalm Jesus says:

the tulip bubble argument was OP

Paul Blades says:

It would make sense if btc did follow your analysis – at some point the profit takers must force it to re-trace.

Marquis GMG says:

Let's see if bitcoin will drop to $2000…

Healthy Life Care says:

– D on this video Lol. You are comparing apples to pears. Close but not quite. It’s to early to call. Please everyone rewatch the video and notice how obvious the examples he is showing have a distinctive difference. “PRICE ACTION BELOW THE 21DAILY MA ALMOST IMMEDIATELY AFTER TOPPING OUT FOLLOWED BY A LOWER HIGH” LOL. Yes, there is an obvious lower high pending on the current price action… However, the price action is still above the 21 Day MA. Trend is your friend until the end. Stop saying what you think is more likely or more probable and start “trading” based on a confirmed trend reversal. Mr. Leading Trader of the Masses. Happy Trading 😁

Robert Rafyan says:

Dude (author of the book) has a point :)))

John Steven says:

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Aquavidify says:

They say that markets climb a wall of worry. I'd rather hear bearish sentiment and a slow steady rise. In 2017 the rush into crypto exposed the limitations of btc as a payment system which then caused the rush into alts which were promising the world. The next bull run could be epic. There is so much more to blockchain than just payment systems.

georgios gusos says:

…does he means …we need a crypto buble…???

Simon Ozkar says:

Thanks Alessio, what wave are we currently in right now?? Could this be a potential wave 5 or have we gone pass that?

Matthijs van Basten says:

These vids we really need more often Alessio 👍🏻. What is the LT pulse showing right now?

James R says:

@alessio What about alt capitulation and alt seasons? Did alts rise in the period that BTC went to go retest the 100 day moving average?

Great work, I appreciate your opinions.

Daniel dani says:

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Frank Tjepkema says:

Listening to Alessio made me miss the bottom…

FuckILoveYouTubby says:

I dont trade so these moves just mean cheaper coins. I hope hes right. Want to buy 2 more for the nest. If hes wrong still have upside exposure. Take all the advise and make up your own minds guys. Dont hate the knowledge.

Emeri Reese says:

Straight to the point! I didn't have to spend 20 minutes to get it, thanks.

Space Oddity says:

Nice spin on the Tulip 🌷 bubble hahaha

Space Oddity says:

Ok so it could go down or it could go sideways before it goes up again. Thx. That’s amazing. Wow

xMidgeWON says:

Bitcoin is unlike any market I have seen. That's why I dollar cost average and hold.

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