Blackstone's Byron Wien on the market sell-off and U.S.-China trade tensions

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Byron Wien, Blackstone Private Wealth Solutions’ vice chairman, joins “Squawk Alley” via phone to discuss the markets amid a 500-point sell-off.


Fayrothedon says:

Blaim the government for screwing up the economy. There is no way of explaining why America is broke, and the crap that is going on. They tell lies to cover up all the other lies that they lied about for years

Ray Vincent says:

America Has A Myzer That's Stealing Christmas Large National Corporate Retail That's Buys in Low Cost Markets And Sales In America's Inflation Market Called United States of America will be Affecting Shareholders, Employees And most importantly The Consumer WILL Be Paying for it !

Shadow Man says:


This crash is bigger than the trade war, sheeple. This is the QE bubble bursting! Prepare your yuppie asses for I'm an inflationary depression!

Jay M says:

Where is Kudlow when you need him?

Paul Fenton says:

Mr. Burns on line 1

Gentle- Man says:

There is not going to be a trade deal with China .This is going to end badly for the US. and mr. Trump will be a one-term president.

N says:

Fear fuel provides the best discount when powering the portfolio.

Dave B says:

There's no reward to winning a trade war.

Don Emigholz Jr. says:

Trump is a conman, a Scoundrel. Trump only pretends to be president. Trump wants to set up sanctions so all business and any goods coming into the USA must go directly through Trump. This way Trump will be able
to set up at first a Bribe to allow the Chinese company to do business freely
in the USA with an annual kick back that will avoid any possible detection.
Trump is making the USA and eventually the global market entirely based on
corruption bribes and kickbacks.

Joshua Maldonado says:

How is a lower Yuan good for china? This just gives more time for companies to move their supply chain elsewhere? If China played by the rules they could overtake the USA in a few years, that would be the smart move!

Karl Lott says:

Look at the yeid curve yall

wermzer says:


Music Calgary says:

Not smart enough to be a liar, this guy is genuinely confused and without any idea whatsoever. lol.

Mr Underhill says:

So we just heard a stage director tell us how this charade will play out – this is all their fake drama so they can say trump fought the mighty war with China all for the blue collar workers and then they will work on a trade deal just before the election so they can say trump is triumphant – what a pitiful state of the world we live in. If this is not enough for people to say we need much higher taxes on billionaires if only to keep them all from becoming world destabilizers – remember how we now have companies that are too big to fail so regardless of their illegal activities (money laundering, LIBOR fixing. CDO's, insider trading, etc. ) they just pay a fine to someone (never sure where that money goes) and business as usual – well now we have people that are too big to fail and have nothing more to do with their billions than destabilize the world for their own wants. If Blackstone wanted to they could stop this sh#*  in a heartbeat but rest assured they are making money here – on both sides. it's much harder for them to make money in a stable ethical world. He mentions a game of chicken – trump is America's chicken but who owns him and what is the goal of all this – are the chickens supposed to fight to the death or just until one of the owners of the chickens surrenders and then what? These people running things are addicted to money – it's like having heroin addicts running the world – they will never have enough and they will never stop doing ANYTHING to get it. In my opinion.

David Jacobson says:

How does China's ability to provide for its own people depend on distributing a large part of its product to Americans?

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