Bloomberg Market Wrap 8/5: Trade War Sell-Off, Oil Prices

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Aug.05 — Bloomberg market reporters take a deep dive into all of today’s action.


Kay Bass says:

Trade wars become currency wars. The banking system crisis appears and melts down the Euro. A WAR appears between the EU and Russia. Ezekiel 7: 19-22 Revelation 18: 17. The enriched uranium nuclear assets of Iran will be BOMBED; and the pilots refuel in Saudi Arabia; leading to multiple results. One is the bloodshed appearing in all 23 Arab states. Jeremiah 25: 24-26. The oil and gas infrastructure will BURN because it CAN. Psalms 37: 20. The world comes to a standstill at the time of worldwide wrath Revelation 11: 18. YOU are watching the build- up to the out- break of the Great tribulation.

Haha MissMiss says:

Wonder if fed will drop rates again with a looming currency war and 2-pump-chump-trump asking for dollar devaluation? Hyper-inflation sounds good because trade wars are easy to win

Seph N Haven says:

China just jump kicked America's economy in the neck.

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