Bond Market Collapse 2018: Do Not Buy Bonds! // crash bubble sell off coming explained

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Bond Market Collapse 2018: Do Not Buy Bonds! // crash bubble sell off coming explained // Contact davidmoadel @ gmail . com for more help. // Here are some free reports with research on what’s going on in the markets and potential ways to get better yield:

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Boi U Trash says:

Thnx for the informative vid regarding bonds

Jon Krelko says:

So where might we look at possibly moving our 401ks to if we are moving them out of the equity markets. ?

John Connelly says:

What about TIPS?

blkcoupequattro says:

What are the odds on inflation?

49wendyg says:

Thanks Dave for the awesome video. As always you are spot on with your information 😀😁

franco says:

Thank you for the very informative video, David. "Crash bubble sell off" in the title refers to stock market crash? You mad a video not too long ago criticizing people who claimed that the crash was imminent and had been shorting the market as early as 2019. Please clarify.

David Lincoln says:

Thanks , Ya rates seem to be going higher.

Trevis Hornsby says:

I see you David,getting all this exposure all over YouTube!Hard work really pays off!👍👍👍👍👍

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