Bond Market is Dead? China Halts Bond Trading

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Welcome to Lynette Zangs flash five! ITM Trading 12/16/2016

Hi everybody this is Lynette chief market analyst here at itm trading they’re really so many choices so many news items but today we’re going to continue talking about bonds now you can see the headline from Bloomberg that the bond market has died.

I am going to show you why that matters lead story in The Wall Street Journal is also talking about the problem in the bond market and in fact in their lead story on the finance page they talk about how China halted trading because of the bond market rout globally.

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sakda K. says:

0:33 That's Jason bond who save china from space monster.

Suresh Ruparel says:

No Bank truly audited nor Fed reserve again Europe banker's rigged then most West NWO agent's game is over just house of cards coming down soon just matter of few gush of wind blows

YIFEI Ma says:

Agree with u except gold price, under 1000 called cheap, I think.

Michael F says:

+ITM Trading I own the same wall hanging metal globe that you have behind you.

Roger didit says:

Trump will have LOTS OF BUYING in the bond market. There is no more dropping of rates… Only UP. If anyone is holding treasuries, they better get out, and fast!

ewmism says:

Bonds! James Bonds !!

Scott Wolford says:

Extend and pretend. The Fed and ECB will just vacuum up all the bonds. The rate increase is compensated in the repo market. It's all smoke and mirrors.

William Leather says:

good  job . .

Joseph Dunphy says:

excellent presentation ….. good analysis, and not pulling any punches ….

Rion Clark says:

I love you. You speak truth not even a little BS. I want to give you a hug. All truth is your title. how is the M1,2 & 3 hanging  my projection was 5000 cash for a house.

Scott Gerlach says:

is this another potential crash in bonds like the housing crash or is this just normal the fed attempting to control thru manipulation which never works?

Scott Stewart says:

Great insight, love the video.

Anderson Joseph says:

Yep…and another one. Keepup the good work

Ethelvino Zanchet says:

Excelent. You've got another subscriber here in the UK my dear! Good straight talk! Very well done. Thanks for posting.

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