Bond – Runescape

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Micro-transactions are not bad, as long as they are not essential to the game.
Will this stop botting/RWT? No, but it may hinder it. (Hoping it will eventually fade out)
Yay mon(k)ey sink! (put a K and it changes meaning completely!

Is this bad?
It kind of depends.
If somebody would have paid for RSGP before bonds, nothing really changed.
If somebody would pay for RSGP now that Jagex offers it, something has changed, but how many people fall into this category. (probably not a lot)

It all comes down to, how do YOU want to play this game.

Do you want to buy your way to a phat set… then what?
Do you want to slay countless dragons and Giant Earth Monsters and earn that phat set… then what?

Remember this is a game, you’re meant to have fun!

I like trains.


ACIDBURN6661 says:

I had a problem with transferring bonds to pouch after purchase with real money, but I figured it out and thought i'd share (2015). Right click your gold indicator (shows how much gold you have, under the map) and click "Bonds pouch" and click on your bond and type the amount you want to withdraw then boom :)

Sam Truong says:

Your voice is soothing

Snowy - Snoxy says:

anyone sells bond i got 10m i buy one for 8m max

Mote Plox says:

So if I use this to redeem membership can i redeem it for a year at once or do I have to wait 14 or 30 days to redeem the next one?

IAmGunzNoob says:

lmao is this nigga merchin starwberries

MrXerax300 says:

you can get instantly rich if you sell bonds.

kalef1234 says:

oh and I believe Miley Cyrus put it like this,

"Aint about how fast you get there, aint about what's waitin on the other SiiiiiiiIIIIIIIiiide. It's the climb"

your welcome :D

kalef1234 says:

oh I didn't know bonds went both ways. that's weird

rexpwnzer says:

will send nudes for bonds. pm me – reallyyourthatdesperatecmonmanhavesomeselfrespectgoogleimagesexistwhyareyoustillreadingthis

Narkkari 420 says:

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Sajedul Islam Khan Sunny says:

FUUUUK man! i spend hours to get 99 herblore and then some punk, rich ass daddy's boy, comes along and gets it in 2days!!

Victor Mai says:

its a dumb concept. They say it helps people who don't want to pay for membership work to be able to have a membership for free, but its so hard to earn that much gold as a free to play player that very few people will actually save up like that

tom nicosia says:

the only sentence i could make sense of was "bonds did not exist"

tom nicosia says:

this video is equivilent to showing somebody how to cook with a range rather then a campfire

Michael Russo says:

I love being able to get a free membership. 

Melissa Poling says:

my question for you is there a way to earn them in game? I don't have much patience to raise money and if i do its with soft clay and making cooking utensils which doesn't rlly work bcs no one rlly buys them at the grand exchange, i have 280k so far and i'm a free player. i do have alot of time on my hands tho if u can recommend an easy way to make money in game

troy noble says:

i bought 3 fucking bonds for $15 and i've been waiting for like 3 hours. they are not in my inv, bank, or bond pouch. where the fuck are my bonds

The Guy Who? (3415) says:

So if you buy one from jafex,is it tradeable?

patrick Spillett says:

they way you talk sounds like you're asking questions when your making statements. also what is in your mouth dude?

HuggesGaming says:

When i buy bonds with IRL money, will they be tradeable when i get them?

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