Bonds 101 | Millennial Investing – Why Are Bonds So Important?

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In this video, we’ll go over What Are BONDS, The 3 Components To Any Bond, The Risks We Face With Bonds (Default Risk & Interest Risk), and Where Bonds Fit Into A Portfolio!

As boring as they may be… Especially in todays environment… They are an essential part of any investors portfolio.

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Enjoy 🙂

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Jezreel Paul Francisco says:

Good production quality brother, more power to you. Quick question , do you need a permission to use other videos and pictures in your video? Or as long as it's short YouTube won't bother you. Thanks in advance !

Isabel Benito says:

Thanks for this!

Rislanca Isophe says:

Great content

Michael Perry says:

Can you show how to make a bond trade on the Think or Swim Platform? When should one add more to the bond side of their portfolio?

Michael Perry says:

love this video Very well put together and explained in a way that that every day Joe can understand. Well done.

Edmond Limoanco says:

Do the warren thing 20 bonds 80 s&p500 done lazy investing

Happy Teej says:

…im 61 and have nowhere near even half a million$ stacked back…AND almost every "advisor" ive talked with advises bonds, annuities, and whole life with dividends -BUT if i'm "guaranteed" 2.5% return AND cost of living/inflation is 4%, isn't that a guaranteed 1.5% loss?

Joseph Hidayat says:

I invest in 30 yrs US gov bond..should i be worried with higher interest rate? I have no intention of selling and i've planned to hold it till maturity.

Peparonny says:

that intro xD

yaban dil says:

informative video but the music is so annoying

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