[BONDS] How to Trade Interest Rate Futures on ThinkorSwim

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Let me show the Correct Way to Trade Bond Futures
Free Week Link: ActiveDayTrader.com/youfree
Learn more about Masters in Trading Bond Program – https://vimeo.com/332766409

Jonathan Rose, owner of Masters in Trading and Active Day Trader shows a very straightforward setup that teaches retail traders how to trade futures, and how to trade bonds.

Interest Rates, Treasury Notes and the spreads including the Nob spread and notes over bonds trade at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

When trading Bond Futures it’s important to analyze the yield curve, which is shared in this free trading lessons on how to trade the futures market from Jonathan Rose of Activedaytrader.com


David Lutz says:

Currently (5/15 9 pm EST) /ZN (high value) + /ZB (low value) = NOL (high value). Certainly, if the NOL continues to go higher one would think the /ZB would also need to eventually go higher as well. But what if the NOL and /ZN both come down in value? Is it possible the /ZB is valued properly and the /ZN is too high?

A.Trader says:

Jon looks like I'm going to have to call uncle Vinny. You're just giving too many things away. I'm going to start reporting all your vids of great value as Promoting Terrorism lmao

Foto Guy says:

Thank You Jon for sharing
You are a Great Guy, with a Generous Heart
You mentioned something I did not know, and have brought these to my attention because I did not know that these have Options as an instrument. Thank you Jonathan Rose

Mike Capannelli says:

JR giving away the farm for free again lol…..bond trade is by far the best opportunity for the residential trader. Hedge fund edge for the little guy!

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