BONDS WENT CRAZY TODAY – Why The Stock Market Went Up Today Yield Curve, Small Caps, & Transports

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Investors were on edge with another exciting day the stock market leaving most markets closing in the green. Despite more yield curve inversion, some people are asking why did the stock market go up today? Despite bond rates dropping, they saw temporary relief in the morning which helped financials and the stock market, which was also carried by strength in the small caps and transports. That along with individual news on Apple stock and Qualcomm Stock and their patent dispute. As well as another Boeing 737 max 8 being downed by southwest in Orlando. There was a lot and a little in the market today, what do you think caused the move?See you on stream tomorrow morning!


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Stock Market Live says:

This is the live-streaming channel! Going live on here M-F 30 mins before open! 💪🏽

Park sun joo says:

i have Never seeing any trader better like Mr pavil conrad .

a p says:

Your intro music is so good lol

Mayascribe says:

As requested. There's also going to be some serious market dilution forthcoming with several mega IPOs, starting with Lyft on Friday.

Buyback blackout period has already begun.

Percentage of S&P 500 companies in the blackout period:

March 24 — Less than 10%

March 31 — About 13%

April 7 — About 45%

April 14 — About 77%

April 16 — About 80%

April 21 — About 73%

April 28 — About 45%

Also, Basel III compliance is March 31.

Brian Pendez says:

Enjoying your content and this screen format better.

Jon Tamiyasu says:

I didn’t hear u talk on crude oil’s gain? WTI crosses $60 and closes above. Many thoughts on why…a popular one…Israel bombed hamas in Gaza. They launched missiles into Israel yesterday. Crude up, banks up, transports up today with this help

Matt Weber says:

Hunt just like bpth sparked a few. trumpers conformation of no Russian ties, media hype and public view to not believe the hype when the spy ect. went up vs what we being projected from main stream. been having a hell of a run in the market as far as volatility. other than the norm. with time and repeat plays we have a hell of alot more volume ive seen because of the ease of access to trade with free platforms and ease to trade. corded phones vs smart phones. algos and market makers. in the end we play to win.

Zach Adsitt says:

I feel terrible for missing so much of the stream again today.

However with over 600 strong I'm sure you guys managed without me.
And Josh don't feel too terrible about QCOM. I couldn't even get in thanks to RH and even if I could have I would have picked wrong. I know you'll get it right next time.

I'm still really excited looking into the rest of this week and into next to see what DIS has got going. I reinvested a small portion of profit into calls for Friday and I'm scoping out the next few weeks as well.

Look forward to tonight

doda74 says:

Take a look at the SPY or QQQ daily candlestick charts from 12/6 to 12/11/18 and compare with from last Thursday 3/21/19 to today. Looks familiar? Looks like distribution before possibly another huge selloff. Another gap & crap or 2 the next couple days and this can very well be a reliable sell signal, or to load up on puts.

Sri Bandi says:

I think audio is messed up man, idk if it's just me

Ahsan Siddiqui says:

My left ear absolutely loved this video!

George Bare says:

Lets Gooooooo!!! Apple is killing me!! 😂😂😩😩

Larry Cardenas says:

Nicely done. To the point and cover all the bullet points

yalla_cague trades says:

yallah dude

MTG Enhancer says:

There was a second case with QC vs AAPL and AAPL won the second case. Keep an eye on that. May balance out the bad news

David Marx says:

What do you think about Baltic dry index? Leading indicator?

portplz says:

My calendar says gdp is Thursday morning

MTG Enhancer says:

Stocks to watch/buy tomorrow-

ABMD- closed @ 286.00- 26 dollar dip on no news at all. Look for a pop tomorrow. Small position if any first thing in the morning and scale in.

BGNE- closed @ 122- at recent support levels, lol for pop.

GOOG- closed @ 1184. At recent support levels, look for pop.

**BIIB- closed @ 233.00, look for raise to continue. Scale in harder in morning.

MOH- closed @ 130.00- bad news for Molina today, ACA ruled unconstitutional. Watch closely. Buy in for 4/18 or later options if it starts to recover. Give enough time to weather the news.

ANTM- closed @ 288- bad news, same as Molina. Watch closely for rebound.

HUM- closed @ 277. Watch but least fav of 3 med stocks.

*TTD- closed @ 186- Another 10-12 dollar loss today, look for a pop tomorrow. News of expansion to China. Love this as a long term play. 4/18 or later options a great buy here.

*CRM- closed @ 158- Stock is oversold, options are dirt cheap. Look for a pop here. Weekly options are basically being given away.

*AAPL- closed at 186.00- just got news they beat QC in 2nd case. Watch for pop.

*FDX- closed at 175. nice late momentum pop. Look for momentum to carry over

Jeffrey Smith says:

Yes but I like face

Nathan Winter says:

Ayy first lets go cult fam!!

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