BREAKING: Bakkt Delayed AGAIN! [Bitcoin Update]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Yes! Happy New Year’s Eve! You are gonna like this video. Today we have a MAJOR Bakkt Update.


ICE Press Release

ICE Has Raised $182.5 Million for Upcoming Bakkt Trading Platform


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Sudhir Shukla says:


Chris Dags says:

Update: 1st Jan 2019. I'm confused. One min ICE saying Bakkt delayed, then they put this on their website which suggest it's all on track.

Sina Nazari says:
Invest here with pay

tonyo524o524 says:

A good read that was past to me I think you may want to read up on. It explains the method in which Bakkt may not actually have to wait for CFTC approval at all. Pay particular close attention to lines 12, 13 and 16. The self certify exception rule. Happy New Year.

HarleySpike says:

Bahahahah Bitcoin ain't shit and will never be shit, yes, Blockchain will have its place in the future somewhere, where, is anyones guess. It went to nearly 20k last year, so what? It was hype and the people who wanted to make money, pumped it, cashed in and left. The only people still hanging on, are the ones holding huge bags who bought high and praying for the love of God it will come back just so they can break even. These channels have become entertainment for me with all the Head and Shoulders, inverted this, and new acronym analysis that produce a new word every week for why it's falling and why it will break out right around the corner. I was a newbie back when it went through the roof, made roughly 3k before I bailed as a novice and still laugh at the daily postings of these channels. All the channels that I paid attention to, mostly because they seem to have been the smartest, have long ago quit posting. But keep up the losing battle as I seriously enjoy watching these channels come up with daily enticing thumbnails to keep the lemmings headed toward the cliff…..;)

dashadow231 says:

Oh yeah and remember also, not everyone does their own research.

zack bandera says:

Baby got bakkt

Rata Mahatta says:

I think BAKKT is not gonna be the start for a bullrun of Crypto but the other way round…a bullrun in crypto will be the start for bakkt

Igor Sic says:

Fuck Bakkt ???big crash coming on 3rd january Proof of keys..Everyone will withdraw btc from exchange..

Muhammad UMAR says:

BTC will dump more in January ?

Robert Andres says:

BULLSHIT! Complete and utter BULLSHIT!

OWLBE says:

Good explanation bro.. when you going to give me give away? Xd

Mr Dr Professor Ozzy Senpai says:

I don’t even hold any bitcoin lol! XRP, 0x, BAT, GNT, OMG and ADA..that’s all I’ll need and maybe NEO, I’ve been thinking about getting NEO but idk ….hmmm

Scott Minis says:

A market manipulation tactic called wash trading makes up over 80% of the Coinmarketcap top 25 Bitcoin pairs volume, a new report claims. The actual volume of most of these pairs is under 1% of their reported volume, and only two of the top 25 BTC pairs, listed on Binance and Bitfinex, do not suffer from this….

Don’t give up on bitcoin I got some coin from smith he really changed my life

Investor says:

Exchange 50x NEW HYPE!

Wounded Warr1or says:

None of this junk matters except to emotional dreamers who thought they were going to get rich overnight.

Peer to peer transactions matter, through history currency has been and will always be what we / people believe in as money; it use to be salt traded for goods and services, then gold or silver and then convinced to use paper.

All we have to do is start to buy anything other than crypto from each other and whatever other things that are currently offered for purchase in crypto and the rest of corporate world will want in on the revenue .. Point Blank period.

It is going to happen no matter what government agency's come along or fades into obsolescence.

Having been on this train for nearly a decade; I hold 10 different assets I like and believe in, from a programmers perspective.

However, no mater who likes it or not; only one is truly safe because there is only one that has no doors to kick in, no names and teams directly attached and or could be shut down by guys with guns.

That was the beauty of the original vision; not so much of the cut and paste copy cats, or clowns with bells and whistles .. You know kind of like money .. It does one thing and does it very well.

No one really needs 1,000's of transactions per second. You only really need one time, unless your some kind of trans species octopus.

If anyone is really honest all the Dapps suck, and no one is going to pay for them, and I have only been able to code a complete module or function on about five platforms that actually work.


Hashpuppy says:

They are not yet done accumulating.

Pfrizzle 101 says:

Indefinitely?!? Wtf? Well I guess I’m not completely surprised but wtf?

Shaun Willis says:

Bakkt is a trojan horse

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