BROKE? How to Get Started Trading Penny Stocks With Just $100

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0:10 How should you invest $100, if you had only $100. I would say buy yourself a nice sushi meal and enjoy it ’cause you’re broke and you don’t have any future whatsoever.

0:30 I’m kidding about that, you have some future but you have to save up. You’re not gonna be able to do much with $100.

1:00 You can’t cheat success so, my top student started with $1500 now he’s over six million. I started at like 12 thousand, several of my students started with like two or three thousand. You need a few thousand dollars so whatever you can do, scrounge together that money.*

2:30 That said, if you are broke and you only have $100, does that mean that you shouldn’t study, you should just ignore the whole stock market and all the finance, no, because somehow, some way, I think that you will be able to have a thousand or two thousand dollars in your life at some point where you can actually trade and grow that money using a normal, not so risky strategy like what I teach. But, even if you do have that money, you don’t necessarily have that knowledge. So when you are totally broke, you have nothing but time. Okay, you have no excuses, you obviously have no job, you probably have no life either so you have a lot of time to study.

3:30 So that way at least, even if you’re broke you can get smart so when you do save up a few thousand dollars, you’ll have already prepared and you’ll have that knowledge ready and you’ll still have to keep studying ’cause the market’s always changing, you have to adapt. But at least then, you will have a foundation that most people do not have. I have a lot of trust fund like, kids who are you know, start with like fifty or a hundred or two hundred fifty thousand dollars and they’re like, oh Tim, this is child’s play, I’ll definitely become your next millionaire soon and I don’t have that much to go.

4:00 The people who start big are terrible because they take their money for granted, they don’t study, they don’t put in the time and effort to actually do what it takes to grow a small account, they ignore my advice to start smaller rather than bigger, so be grateful if you’re broke. Be grateful if you have $100 to your name, there’s nowhere to go but up.

4:30 Somehow you’re watching this so you have internet access. I don’t know if you’re bumming free internet at McDonald’s or if you’re at the library or if you’re at the Starbucks. You know, maybe you’re outside Starbucks and you’re begging for some change but maybe the WiFi is like going through the door so you still have WiFi so as you’re begging for change you can also study so now you’re multitasking. That’s what you’re gonna have to learn to do as you grow richer, okay? And remember, when you are broke, there is almost nothing worse than your current situation.

5:00 No one takes you seriously anyways right now. So it’s your job to study up. It’s your job to move yourself up and do whatever it takes to get a few thousand dollars and get that knowledge so that you can grow the few thousand into fifty thousand, a hundred thousand, a million, two million, six million like my top students and I do. But first, watch all my videos, watch them twice, watch them three times, okay?*

* Results may not be typical and may vary from person to person. Making money trading stocks takes time, dedication, and hard work. There are inherent risks involved with investing in the stock market, including the loss of your investment. Past performance in the market is not indicative of future results. Any investment is at your own risk. See Terms of Service here:


Laura Ann says:

Just awesome!

Henry Craig says:

Knowledge supports growth.

AnimeDayTrader says:

I love you skyes. I owe ya for getting me more hyped and interested in trading two years ago, been learning from all sorts of different sources, while attending college. I know you’re probably tired of me because I’ve done some of the dumb crap you mention you see people do all the time lol, but I’m growing and learning from it. Hopefully by time I’m 25, I’ll be all ready for earning your respect and becoming a millionaire student! Cheers!

YT Alternative Non Stop WorldVision Club For Fans says:

Can I become a millionaire just by watching your videos? or I have to buy your CD's? You are the man.

Antonio Hawkins says:

Lmaooooo Ya Bum!!!

Alex P says:

Lol Fucking guy tells the truth

meramail says:

I Just love your straight shooter attitude 😀
You're an amazing man Tim!

Julian Lake says:

Hahahahahaha. Well thank you Tim! That's a way to wake up in the morning! lol

Róbert Nagy says:

a jogdijam változatlan :)))sajnos nem érzem a fájdalmat nem értél elsemmit seggfej :))) gyurjálmég :))) persze a barátnömet :))) kevesek vagytok :)) megmondtam az elején :))) kár hogy megtörlek beneteket hogy a pénzel mikor nem számit nektek :))) és közben tiszteltek mindenkit akivel kapcsaolatban léptek :)))) persze csupa illegális eszközzel :))) megbaszhatod :))) he vidd el anyádat nyaralni egy repulö utra :))))

Its My Real Opinion says:

Perfectly said bro! Could've said it better myself. 👍💯

LampOfMagic says:

well ur not wrong about the broke part! lol

Drew Gibson says:

Good stuff Tim! Speaking truth and keeping it real with us.

Kj Laurro says:

Very misleading, it cost thousands to join his group…. It's kra kra

TommioRS says:

Hmm. I like this guys style.

igor khimich says:

Tim you are speaking the truth. If you only have $100, go work and make some money you lazy fucks!

Its Phantom says:

I sold my speakers I'm up to $506 currently on a Tim binge 📈 ( $6 dollar profit 😂 )

77notshy says:

I hope this video shuts Steven Dux's mouth for his comments on this video :,
Steven Dux Should make a public appology to Sykes and Grittani for his comment.
And with $100 i would flip phones for profit in order to save money for penny stocking.

Sancho Alexandre Tiago says:

Nacked truth. Cold water Truth

Hana says:

HAHAHAH loved the opening joke!

man tron says:

I think $500 is good enough to practice with.. but to grow an account you need at least 2 – 3 thousand dollars.

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