Building levels for trading in ATAS.

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What are the levels and why are they important?
Levels are those prices which are attractive for a large number of traders.

Perhaps, namely these prices were considered ‘fair’ by traders or namely at these levels stops/takes were posted. If a big volume is traded at several price levels in a row, the price, as a rule, slows down at these levels and tests them. It means that new trades could be opened here with a minimum risk because the price would hardly go sharply against your order.

Everything you need to know about profitable trading is 3 levels: the level of entering into a position, the level of exiting (the goal and take profit) and the level of limiting yourself from possible losses (a protective stop loss).

We will continue to discuss this subject in this video and will tell you why other volume analysis indicators are interesting for traders.

We will discuss the topic of looking for levels in 2 parts:
There will be a theory in the first part of the article. We will briefly discuss why we need these indicators for, how they work and how to set them. You will find all the details regarding the setting and operation of the indicators on our YouTube channel or in our Knowledge Base (

The most impatient traders can go straight to the second part of the article. There will be some practical things in the second part. We will consider real-life examples through the Moscow Exchange and CME futures.

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Diego French says:

Thanks, but there are bad entry point, i prefer fibo

Diego French says:

Thanks, but there are bad entry point

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