Bull Call Spread Guide | Vertical Spread Option Strategies

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The bull call spread is the first of the four vertical spread options strategies we’ll cover in this video series.

The bull call spread is a, you guessed it, bullish vertical spread constructed with call options.

How to set up the trade:
1. Buy a call option
2. Sell another call option at a higher strike price (same quantity and expiration)

In this video, we’ll break down how the strategy makes or loses money by visualizing the expiration payoff diagram, as well as plotting the performance of a call spread over time using real option data.

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Daniel Penchev says:

Thank you,Chris for your time and hard work to provide your constructive and well professioanally explained lessons…for free!

E Marc says:

Very good video. My question is….Do I just let this Vertical Spread Option expire for a profit, or do I need to sell it prior to expiration?

chirag patel says:

nice explanation Chris…keep it up.. your vidoes really helping me in learning options…Thanks

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