Bull Call Spread – Options trading strategies in Hindi | NISM | CFA Level 2 | FRM Part 1

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In this video will discuss about bull call spread option strategies in hindi. This is one of the most popular among option strategies. This option strategy is normally applied in bullish market. If you are preparing for frm derivatives or cfa level 2 derivatives strategies it’ll be fantastic.

You have limited risk and limited profit in this strategy. Also, there are two variants of this option strategy.
1) Bull call spread
2) Bull Put spread

Both bullish option strategies have similar payoff or profits. If you are interested in becoming a pro option trader, you can purchase my complete option strategies in hindi study pack.

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Happy trading
Pravin Khetan

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Monish B says:

Finally I understood this strategy after watching so many videos!
Great explanation,
Thank you sir

Biswajit Acharjee says:

Praveen ji banknifty bataiye

RaviRaj Pophale says:

sir please Options trading strategies ki excel dedo na


To sell a call, do i need margin money. If so which platform offers maximum margin.

priya Mahindra says:

Sir u makes things so easy for students tysm 🙏

rahul ingle says:

can I get this excel sheet ?

Deepak Ingle says:

Can I get that excel sheet

Peaceful Body and soul says:

Sir, can u please provide excel sheet shown here??

Imran Shaikh says:

Everybody Talks about greed but no one ready to show or tell lamination.
1) In stock Options if your Call Gets in ITM Exchange will ask you to take Delivery. ( Big Fuss for small retailer)
2) The Payoff is of Expiry until you get max loss and little gain because the further call sell will not loose Theta but lower strike will loose more theta and delta.
3) If spot price Rises both lower and upper strikes will rise so were is the gain you get the delta difference 1000 to 2000 and if stock goes against you stand to loose 4000 to 5000 that's it.
4) if price rise we stuck by ITM Delivery Rule and Stock Falls We loose.( Loose loose Game)
4) So if you want to trade in options it is a lottery or Gambling game.
5) If you really want to make some money on Breakout you sell Put Options with proper knowledge.
5) If you don't like point # 4 then simply arrange more money and do Monthly and weekly strategies on index options say like Iron Condors and credit spread calender's will get you 2-3% on your capital deployed rest is Greed which Sells on you tube.

Do not fall for such greedy strategies 4 hazar see 45 lakh aa jayengee and all is sold on you-tube.

Pinakin Patel says:

Sir can you please give me this excel sheet

Mahendra singh Godara says:

Sir on selling call v get money where that goes .In fact on sell also fund get reduced like in buying

Prasad Aher says:

Watch this at the playback speed of 1.5x. Thank me later 🙂

siva says:

Dilli me thand jaadaa hai…coat jaroori hai…going good..

shpra sharma says:

Bhak talkeyy……lier no knowledge man

Anuj Sohani says:

Can you share the template?

vijay rajput says:

Hi Sir, you have use excel file this is required for me for study purpose, how to get please suggest .

Samit Poddar says:

your parents have invested lot of money to establish u.

Ganesh Kumar Yelisetti says:

Pravin sir please share your excel sheet which was used in this video it will usefull for beginners


Hi Sir, Can you please share this spreadsheet with us in description. Thanks

lavisha chawla says:

sir, how can u calculate breakeven by adding net premium to long call price? wts logic behind

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