Bull Market Is Over and Recession Will Begin Mid-2020, Sri-Kumar Says

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Feb.27 — Komal Sri-Kumar, president and founder of Sri-Kumar Global Strategies, discusses the stock market sell-off and his forecast for a U.S. recession in the middle of 2020. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Vonnie Quinn and Guy Johnson on “Bloomberg Markets.”


Fashion3K- True Style Never Dies! says:

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Cruz Delgado says:

Hell ya time to make some money. Buy low sell high is that the GAME???

Phil Usher says:


Love your videos, keep it up!

Dennis Cosban says:

Yeah let's all point our fingers at the Coronavirus. The invisible enemy that's what caused all this mess!! How convenient!!

Esteban Garita says:

Last recession I lost my job and then my house… Im not too concerned with this coming recession, aside from my job, I don't got shit to lose any more, I live to work and work to live, paycheck to paycheck, If everything crashes again, maybe I can just fish to feed my self… It will be like camping.

Sumi says:

Till how long?

Talia Kay says:

The stock market is nothing more than legalized gambling.

Ng Lian chuan says:

应为Singaporean president lee 夫妻谋杀我父亲后恐吓我说做大事一定会死人!够毒!

Sukses dulu Baru nikah says:

Trader : its free real estate

Masta Flex says:

Better start investing in learning how to grow your own food ,

spider 543 spider 543 says:

So if there was no corona virus this idiot still says something else would bring the market down lol. That is a very general statement

spider 543 spider 543 says:

Kumar is stupid. He needs to go back to school

Steve Arce says:

Dow to 10,000

Eugene S says:

Off by 3 months.

Varun Chauhan says:

He is saying so confidently as he is a time traveller

Summit View says:

He’s sincere, but the reality is that there is little correlation between economic and stock market performance — consequently no market prognosticator has every been correct more than the probability of a coin flip. It’s also the reason why trying to ‘time’ the market is always a mistake. But talking heads need to talk in order to sell advertising —- try to listen for facts and filter out their opinions on the economy and the market.

Mark A says:

These silly interviews prove none of these idiots that try to predict the market are correct

We can bet 100% they don’t know what they are talking about

Philosophy BA says:

Who said that? BS

Logan Gray says:

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3rd Layer Money says:

Buy cryptocurrency and bitcoin. Again the Feds are printing more money and are devaluating our dollar

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