BULLDEX / Bullion Index – Gold & Silver FUTURES Trading!

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Everything about BULLDEX / Bullion Index – Gold/Silver Weightage, Lot Size, Contract Value, Expiry, etc.
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Topics covered in this video:

– What is BULLDEX / Bullion Index?
– Can you trade in Gold & Silver Futures
– Gold Futures
– Silver Futures
– Liquidity in MCX Exchange
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frank antony says:

What is your prediction of gold in 2021

Vardan Rathi says:

Watch in 0.25x and get on a trip 😂


Very useful for learners sir. Keep it up 👍

vvb says:

1.5x on this one guys.

Manish K Shukla says:

Options also available in Bulldex?

Sagar Narayana says:

Hi, if I leave my option (ltm) without selling, at what price exchange will settle me. Suppose if i buy an option at 1rupee (3000 shares) and if it closes at 1000rs, can I get 30lakhs?

Money Minded says:

Sir, Gold ETF's is cheaper when compared to other's which an retail trader and a beginners can able to buy.. MCX are higher costliest that that ETF. Then why u r suggesting MCX sector ..Is there any reson behind it??

Machhu patil says:

New begginer learnaer is zhole chap doctor se bacho he is only speak english and sell his corse.ok

RAJA RAM says:

Thanks sir 🙏🏿

Satya Krishnamraju Avvari says:

Great video sir, please make a video on how to trade futures and options in gold for beginners. Thank you !

Padmanabhan R says:

If equity and gold are inversely proportional then why should we go long in both? It should be long in equity and short in gold or vice versa?

ArunPrasad K says:

So, does gold have a golden future?

Mahendran Somasundaram says:

Thanks Sir….

Venkat Dasam says:

Is there any Physical delivery ? If it not closed….

Katherine Hall says:

i believe for you to have a sucessful trading account you need to have an account manager with good strategies. i tried trading on my own and watching trading tutorial videos on youtube i lost some money till i got an account manger called James Walter who helped me recover the money i lost. i would leave his mail below for those willing to make a change. (jameswalterjohn19@gmailcom)

Tamil Mech says:

What is next level in gold ?? Daliy decreasing. When it will reverse

Pandurangasetty Venu says:

MCX encourage only big traders, they have stopped all mini contracts except for silver.
Atleast they should reintroduce crude mini.

Raghav Girish says:


Nirmal Raj says:

Pls make a video on how to make position on bulldex

Investor focus Tamil says:

Avoid Software and utilities sector.Why?

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