Buy Price is More Important then Sell Price, when Trading Penny Stocks

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It is more important to get a good buy price, than it is to get a great sell price.


This fact is true in penny stocks, and larger shares alike. Your profits will come more from getting a great purchase price in the first place, than it will from the final selling price you get for your shares.

Always be demanding when you buy, then selling to take your profits will be easier. Most investors only focus on the final selling price they will get, but that can be a costly situation!


Nick S says:

Fantastic video Peter! I am trading primarily on the TSX now as I am from Canada. Just switching some more currency and going into the NYSE now that our dollar is on the move. Thinking about signing up to your website real soon.

Gustavo Arias says:

Hey Mr. Leeds, just want to thank you for the lessons. I made money on MTBC and XXII, your videos were a great help.

Leandro Ong says:

beginner question: Who gets the money when you purchase a stock? I'm thinking that company gets it

Devil'sAdvocate says:

Entry price along with learning how to accurately read a companies quarterly financial filings are two of my biggest challenges at the moment. Just bought a "Dummies" book on the latter. When I first started, I would just enter a market order… and boy did I realize how big of a mistake that was when one of the prices jumped on what I was buying by a substantial amount prior to my order going through. Limit orders only for me now, and usually try to get in at the bottom for the week or maybe the month for the stock I'm interested in getting into. Next thing after a limit order is a stop loss order for anywhere from 10-30% below buying price depending on how far I want to give it room to breathe.

Any thoughts on these methods? Also, trying to find a good company that is undervalued, trading under $5 and that isn't in debt to it's ears or bleeding cash like crazy is not a very easy task. I'm learning though! … or at least trying to lol

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