Call Option Chain Explained

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The basics on how to find a call option chain and understanding the details.


kevin veney says:


eddyvideostar says:

Option: Don't forget the spread: Bid/Ask.

Graham Alexander says:

Thanks, simply explained

Sam says:

I know this is an old video but out of all the one's I watched this made the most sense to a beginner option trader.

Mike jones says:

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bluerider2012 says:

don't exercise, sit on the couch, and get sloppy

yourpalcliffy says:

it was 30 call. he has right to buy at 30 and can sell at market price which is 40 he will get 40 – 30 = 10 back.

so 10 – 7 = 3(profit)

Mr. Go-in says:

I must be missing something. You pay $700 up front and you get back $300. Aren't you $400 in the hole? Bad trade right?

tilal8 says:

very nice video

Maybe next time u could show how the premium of an option is determined by the value of the underlying stock (Calculations)

pantherenebuleuse says:

Thank you, question

Can the historical prices useful to try to evaluate the right options to purchase?

ds3v3n says:

Very nice explanation, OptionCrunch. I'm subscribing to your videos. Keep them coming.


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