Call Option & Put Option Basics | Options Trading For Beginners

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Quickly learn the basics of call options and put options with our visual explanations and examples. Perfect for complete beginners!

In addition to using basic examples, we’ve included real call and put performance visualizations to demonstrate how call options increase in price when the stock price increases, and fall when the stock price decreases. Regarding puts, we’ve included an example to demonstrate how put options increase in price when the stock price falls, and decrease in price when the stock price rises.

On top of showing you how option prices change when the stock price changes, we explain why these movements in the option prices make sense intuitively.

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projectoption says:

Close Trades for Free.* $10 Max Commission Per Option Leg.**

bobby bousche' says:

The video is "ok", still not a 10 scale education video on what options are. My suggestion is cut to the chase and show a trading screen and discuss it while looking at the option chains

Samuel Essim says:

Please i wanna do my first trade and i have just $150 to start with, is it gonna be enough and how do i trade with that small amount?

Crypto Pirate says:

do options price vary?

theseeker123 says:

You talk to fast,

K.RYLA says:

Very well explained the best I’ve seen yet thank you ??

Joe Player says:

How exactly does someone profit when someone buys an option that's in the money

Rihards Bereza says:

So if I am a Put Buyer and the stock price is only falling it's good for me?

Mike McGlock says:

You are the best

meme youyou says:

thanks for the video!

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