Can this Global stock market sell off get deeper? [Hindi]

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Retirerichwithstocks says:

Many of you are asking- What to do now? My #equity portfolio is Red. Should I hold or exit? I exited on 21 Sep 18 & have shared this in many of my posts & videos. Fundamental investing without #Technical #Analysis gets punished in bear markets. Market is always kind enough to give heads-up. I shared my exit plan with Lifetime Educational Community members 2 hrs before the close of play on 21st Sep 2018.

Sabuj Saha says:

sir nifty etf dhire dhire le sakte hai….long term k….liye…?????

amit solanki says:

Thats a very good analysis that too bang on the time when one need to replan one's investments. As always thanks for sharing the knowledge . Keep Shining …,😊😊

Fresh Life says:

Very informative. I'll wait for your next video

Jatin Kohli says:

Jagadeesh R says:

Nifty is in clear downtrend after five wave impulsive upmove which ended at 11750. Market bounce from these levels are strong as corrective up move. whats the target for this corrective upmove where we can short nifty again.

Debasis Roy Chowdhury says:

Timely & realistic vedio. Thanks a lot.

Deepak Patel says:

Great Global Analysis

Puran Singh says:

Very nice information

Jay singh Gaur says:

22200 khub jaldi dekhne milega.

S. S. says:

In Dax monthly chart there is head and shoulder pattern breakdown and it is now moving towards its target.

Dipen Dedhia says:

Excellent thank you

Arindam RC says:

Great analysis with excellent insights…..

rajendra ingavale says:

Sir, sorry, aap ne galat artha nikala, mere kahane ka matlab thaa, aap ka video dekhane ke bad, aam investor ko kya samajana chahiye bas, itna hi, aap maine hearth kiya too sorry 👏

Sampatkumar Yadav says:

Very nice explained.👌

Sj R says:

Brilliant and Informative as always !! The similarity in charts across the Globe is really eye catching. Thanks for bringing it to notice. Based on your study and understanding, at what level of Nifty and Dow, would you say that situation has reversed or is likely to be reversed ?

Kamal Halder says:

Very good analysis…..I am newly subscribed your channel….I was in profit 2 months back….now my portfolio is in red zone…but I am a long investors…..I can hold my stocks till 50% loss…and I believe that within 3 years this economic condition will change this time period…if you have any suggestions..plz let me know


Again an superbb video….extremely thankful to you sir….i am 100% confirm that none can find such great information anywhere in youtube like your videos…..again very thankful to sir by my heart…….i will eagerly waiting for ur next video….
on youtube

Jinesh Mody says:

Sir, humble request you to please post video regularly and if possible trend and on nifty stocks randomly. You are excellent !!! You may start youtube channel, you will get lots of views….& members.

vivek kumar says:

Very good analysis

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