Can You Guess Who I Am Voting For?

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My answer might surprise you, but it’s all about focusing your time on who you think best encapsulates your hopes and dreams…that’s why I put SO much work into my free guide and my guide, preparing you and educating you in all the best trade setups/patterns/rules I learned the hard way over the past 2 decades…YOU are in control of YOUR FUTURE, not any politician who you can’t control at all


Chia Lor says:

Vote for Tim

Jean Melanson says:

I'm already dreaming about the day i'm making $30k trades. i'm excited to see you trade with a big account next year because correct me if i'm wrong, wouldn't it be hard to get all your $30k shares to be filled at your entry point and sell off all those shares at your exit/target point or do you have to scale in and scale out of your trades because it's hard to get filled all in one order without effecting the price to much? This is for low market cap stocks

EatSleepDrive says:


Hugo says:

Thinking voting doesn't matter and spreading that wave of thought throughout the masses will surely affect politics.
This kind of thinking is what fucks politics up in the first place. I don't think you understand how important civic engagement is, Tim.

BATMAN says:


иГОГОША says:

Hi i from Ukraine. I want trade like you. Pleas help me! Sorry for my english, is bad ^_^

Tripinfall25 says:

Hillary wants to make the capital gains tax 50%. Which means she sucks for traders


Nice to hear someone else bring this out. Politics is a diversion for slaves.

saqib chughtai says:

finally…. !!!!!!! one smart person in America… Respect.

Dave says:

You shouldn't discourage people from voting Tim, theirs enough of that everywhere else in the media.

Tadej Topič says:

Great Video Tim :)

Eddy Madero says:

Tim, Florida is a swing state! go out and vote!!

Miles Harding says:

Thanks Tim.

Ken Chen says:

lol tim is probably gonna vote trump, capitalize on the drop

lastkingt23 says:

Thank you Tim….Vote for yoself!!! #knowthyself

The Daily Jamie says:

Hillary surrounds herself with people that like to hurt themselves and drink blood,sperm, and breast milk.

onjapanewer says:

Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Carlos Franco says:

fuck Hillary fuck trump, i cant believe i share a planet with scum like them

Martti Mandel says:

Hillary 20161

Roger Cobbs says:

I work 72 hours a week and after work Saturday night I was studying for 8 hours and looking at my new for me Etrade pro and looking at charts and news I'm relearning and learning more in depth stuff

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