Can You Spot This Pattern Before a Stock Spikes?

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*Results are not typical. Always do your own research as trading is inherently risky. You should not mirror the trades of the instructors. Past performance is not an indicator of future results. Most who receive free or paid content will make little or no money. This presentation is for informational purposes only.

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Let’s say you receive a Supernova Alert from me on a stock that’s up about 100% … Is it a good idea to still enter a position? Now, if your answer is no, you’re not exactly wrong — it’s risky. BUT if you were more educated on the supernova pattern, then you’d know that stocks I alert have the potential to go up even higher! Watch this to learn more about a particular stock I alerted and how you can educate yourself more on supernovas.

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Today I’m looking at one of the stocks from my Supernova Alerts…

And I’m in a great place to review stocks that I’ve traded because of the huge theater screen!

So, if you’re not currently subscribed to my Supernova Alerts, I’ll link that above for you. That’s where you can get alerts on these stocks before they possibly shoot through the roof.

Of course, it’s not an exact science and I won’t always be right…

But I have a pretty good record so far. Nevertheless, due your due diligence and research the stock on your own before deciding to enter a position.

This is the stock I alerted — World Series of Golf, Inc. (OTCPK: $WSGF). I actually alerted this one when it was up about 100% on the day…

And most people, when they see a stock up that much, usually ignore it. They’re not wrong to either. It’s risky to take a position on a stock up a high percentage.

But if you’d been studying these stocks as much as I have, you’d know the characteristics of a supernova and how to correctly identify them.

I also have a tool to help me spot when a news catalyst could possibly help the stock move too — StocksToTrade Breaking News. I’ll link that above as well if you don’t already have it…

So using that tool combined with the knowledge I have on supernovas, I called $WSGF correctly. It kept rising over that initial percentage spike that I first alerted it on.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to spot the supernova pattern, tune in. I’ll get into more detail on $WSGF and what made this stock spike so much.

Have you ever played the supernova pattern? Or have you been able to correctly identify one, even if you didn’t enter a position? Comment below this video and let me know!

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Hey, it’s Tim Sykes, millionaire mentor and trader. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I want to share everything that I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more videos right over there, and also click ‘subscribe’ so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student.*


Timothy Sykes says:

🔴 Learn about the supernova pattern and get my Supernova Alerts here:

Have you ever played the supernova pattern? Or have you been able to correctly identify one, even if you didn’t enter a position? Comment below this video and let me know!

The Beerded One says:

Tim, I'm not ready to fully commit to being a Penny Stock Jedi yet. I'm both in school and work full time. But I'm watching you, Dux, and Grattani at my own pace and I'm just absorbing information. When I graduate I plan to commit myself to you… I'm already going to be transferring my assets off of Robinhood onto E*Trade, I'm going to begin learning how StockstoTrade works, and then I'll be better equipment to be a student of yours.

tamarsiegel says:

hey! so what broker do you recommend we use?

A Santiago says:

Got me studying here T

DoC Clupper says:

Thanks for making sure the CC is there for me to watch n understand what's happening! I still have a long way to go but getting there.

Lorena Gerardo says:

Awesome awesome awesome!! Pls take care of your health, too much coofee and celcious is not good. We need to to be around for a long time, you are too valuable 🙏❤️. Macha is a good healthy natural energy booster you can put in your smoothy every morning. 👌👏

I write my own songs says:

I came for the marketing shots, stayed for the millionaire habits: sleep in, chill out. Who reads and meditates anyway?!

Lorenzo says:

Are you joking? I am subscribed to Supernova alerts, and have not received any alerts! What is this a scam?

Gurbhej Sran says:

Hey Tim, I am from Australia and trade on asx. Could you please share your valuable knowledge on asx as well? Nobody does what u r doing mate

Zack Haynie says:

What app do you use to trade on mobile?

J Z says:

Watching now 3 years figured my niche that works with my schedule. Thanks for the knowledge. You Bohen and crew.

Watch NLST it will be a monster.

James Butler says:

Nice job Sykes. Keep up the hard work.


AirBNB already went public last December ticker ABNB😁

Chia Lor says:

Tim I'm glad you finally somewhat stepped away from dating those young beach model girls lol.

Sean Sukhu says:

Nice Presentation

Stockoholics says:

So based on Tim's recent hair style (short) this appears to be a recent video (and it was posted 2-07-2021), however, if you pay attention to the stock chart he shows in reference to its first green day spike, the date is 11-10-2020. Hmm. Weird.

ObieJPM says:

I had much respect for you until I heard a rumour that rather than joining the littleman at HCMC you short them !
I truly hope this is not true , because that would mean your against the little man too ,,
Please respond so I can crush the rumours that have started !

poncho Marquez says:

Tim how can I start investing in New but very interested

Andrew Miller says:

An honest dude with a sharp brain and comical approach. Appreciate the share, look forward to joining the community soon

Heavenly Knights says:

Yeah I can all my stocks from last year did 10x or more 3000% I bought 100 shares of OCGN for 3.13. and sold at 5.20. Should have sold and held til 8.50. but still bought back at 5.53 and made profit .

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