Cannabis Penny Stocks Rallying before the 2016 election CBIS MJNA TRTC ERBB EAPH SRNA NEWC

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CBIS, MJNA, TRTC, GRNH, EAPH, GBHL, NEWC, SRNA, ERBB and other stocks related to the cannabis industry are soaring the last few weeks. these plays do have risk in them and i wouldn’t recommend holding for very long. That being said i believe the rally in the pot stocks will continue at least until the election and will most likely rally even more in the beginning of next year (january 2017)

this estimate is based off of what happened in 2014 when colorado and washington legalized cannabis and sent a lot of money into the OTC penny stocks that had anything to do with weed.

Manage risk and be careful anything can happen. in 2014 PHOT was halted in March and it was the nail in the coffin to cause all the weed penny stocks to crash. so get in get out and make some money but be cautious and trade at your own risk.


cengle4394 says:

amen brother can't believe more people are not going to jump on the wagon. I'm long on CBIS 50000 shares. at .020. gonna wait till after Election. gonna make bank. I feel it's gonna be like exactly like you said. I see cbis at the very least. .30 .60. and at the very most maybe $1$2 for a very short couple of trading sessions. timing is everything

Martin Cruz says:

AMMJ is going crazy high over the last few days

Scooty Hearts says:

the close ups of the dog had me dying!!

Matt t says:

those companies have huge floats..not as volatile…the marijuana market is very inflated right now because of all the hype so you have a good point with taking profits when you get them…ive experienced 40% sell offs in a matter of seconds already…however there is HUGE opportunity with it just make sure you do some research…

Kdub Sosolid says:

Are you investing in the 4 companies or you'll just pick one of those?

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