Capturing My Latest Trade Live On Video, Made A Few Thousand

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See more live videos of the same morning panic pattern its made me rich, now thanks to for having shares to short of stocks like this, more students are banking now too!


klyoko3322 says:

I am just starting to learn how to trade. It seems to be in my blood always has but I just got to confused, now starting to come together more thanks to Tim. I also decided to short GENE at 9.46 20k my first virtual trade at howthemarkworks site.i had lost 54 dollars my first day but at one point in day I should have took about 1100 in profit learn a big lesson. I am still in at six but come Monday morning I sell and take my 12k profit out. Then I am going to short again from around 6 to 4.25 thank you this learning so much fun. kinda going back to your roots with small account. but when you love to do something guess as long as you are doing it nothing else matters if makes any sense lol take care Tim

DSPsNUMBER1fan says:

what program are you using to watch your trades!????????? 

andrew sulyok says:

Hit 6.33 That would have been a nice bonus!!

John J. says:

Hey Tim Idk if you banked on CAPN couple days ago when it spiked from 2.43 to the high 6's but in that trade alone I made 1,800 with a 1k acct on etrade. BTW it was my first trade ever. 
I spotted it the night before it broke out. Id like to thank you for the free videos and knowledge you put up here. I am not a subscriber to your alerts yet but I will be very soon.
Thanks again Tim. 

James Enlow says:

I love the shorting strategy you have, but I have such a small account (1k) that no broker is willing to let me borrow from them. In turn, i have been playing the long side of these stocks. My goal is to build up to utilize this strategy because it appeals to me. I am learning more and more everyday. Being that I have a small account, I have to wait for my funds to settle for 3 days after a trade. So I simply study the market just to see how things play out and try to understand why. Not a minute passes that I do not think about my next move. If my eyes are not on the computer screen my nose is crammed in a book. Thanks Tim for being my inspiration. 


So what program is this that you are using?? It's not ETRADE? 

Julio Rodriguez FX says:

TIMOTHY, I want to open my account with 5K but all the time I break my rules like u said, I was practicing in demo it seems perfect when I trade with real money my EMOTIONS TAKES PLACE lost money in FOREX MARKET but I want to star with penny stocks and I like how to teach people because u say the truth about trading.

Sócrates Lozano says:

Will I be able to do this from here Europe, Spain?

Nicholas Cueto says:

What's that program you're using? 

aGsD says:

I love your style. No matter what people say you'll just take it in a positive way. 

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