Catching 300+ Pips In 20 Minutes Trading Gold

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I showed Todd Divergence, he showed me Kangaroo Tails, and that’s how the simplest strategy was born 🙂

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maximilliaan 04 says:

The thing I like about you us that you dont force and hype teh video you are a person and you give really good information

Ibukun Odukoya says:

hey, please i need the pip counter

Timothy Ng'ang'a says:

Hey man…can you please send me a link to the pip counter you are using in this video.thanks

Armando Arias says:

Great video and analysis…

alejandro nf says:

Why do you use one broker to forex and other for indeces?

MEGA _07 says:

I have to leave the auto scroll ON to show me whenever new divergence is spotted?

Martin Angelov says:

Are the red arrows on the chart part of the OBV indicator that you use or it's another indicator?

ay2dakay says:

Nice trade btw

ay2dakay says:

Does vip get these trades?

Moe Kilani says:

i love videos like these, keep it up buddy!

MEGA _07 says:

Brother, i don't recieve true tl notifications; I saw your video about obv divergence indicator. It helps me trade but I dont recieve notifications from the indicator can you make a video on that please 🙏🏻

Free Forex Trading Lessons says:

Nice video and nice guy but those trade sizes are very small. Justin have a look at what digger1 on forex factory is doing, you will be inspired hopefully like I was. He is a part time retail trader who regularly puts a thousand lots per trade, he makes millions of dollars a week. Green pips guys Google "digger1 forex"

KuveraGlobalIndia says:

Help brother I m from India and I want to learn from you I had msg u server of time can u plz reply me?? Don't u interested in Indian people I m ready to pay your fees??

Ice says:

If you're in a trade when the market close and on the wrong side of the gap when it reopens will SL be honored

ryan zad says:

That's why I always do pending orders instead

J.R Junior says:

Is it possible to get the true to on tradingview? I'm Just realizing how powerful that indicator truly is.

J.R Junior says:

Who is Todd?

A G A N says:

I can't find his OBV strated tutorial can someone link it, please

Rham Jose says:

where did you get the pip counter?

Nelson Garcia says:

Bro perfect entry great job 🔥

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