In this video I will tell you about Vechain. Vechain is The World’s Leading Blockchain Application Platform Driven by Enterprise Adoption. VeChain [More]
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Today’s video covers Quantower, a (mostly) free platform that allows for phenomenal market analysis and live trading from most popular crypto exchanges. [More]
Excelente día Traders!!! En este video veremos: La configuración de un espacio de trabajo para utilizar 2 gráficos diferentes al mismo tiempo. [More]
Quantower Trading Platform allows adding technical indicators to watchlists for any intervals. This video tutorial is a guide on how to add [More]
Optimus Trader gives it’s users the power to fully customize and configure the platform to their liking. Users are never stuck with [More]
This tutorial is an Introduction to chart panel and how to configure various setting in Quantower Trading Platform – India’s most advanced [More]
Sign up for the Optimus Flow Demo here: First-time users of Optimus Flow will be prompted to create an account upon [More]
Excelente día Traders! En este video realizamos lo siguiente: ***Conexión para cuentas fondeadas ***Configuración de teclas para las herramientas de dibujo. Cualquier [More]
In the latest update of the Quantower platform, we have released a new trading panel, called Multiple Order Entry, which allows creating [More]
This tutorial explains how to place orders from the charts in Quantower Trading Platform. – India’s most advanced trading platform for active [More]
This tutorial explains how to plot Volume Weighted Average Price – vWAP Indicator on the charts in Quantower Trading Platform. – India’s [More]
This tutorial explains how to create synthetic or custom spread for spread and pair trading in Quantower Trading Platform . – India’s [More]
This tutorial explains how to configure cluster or order flow charts Quantower Trading Platform – India’s most advanced trading platform for active [More]
Presented by: Artem Topol @ PTMC, topics include: – An introduction to the PTMC platform – Volume Analysis: platform agnostic overview – [More]
Being a fully portable application, Quantower maintains all of its data in one folder, that you’ve specified while the installation. You may [More]
During the Quantower terminal launch, you may notice a message box with the following text: “Your clock is N seconds behind. Please [More]
The following video will walk users through the process of opening and configuring TPO Market Profile and Order Flow (Cluster Charts) on [More]
In the new version of the Quantower platform, we have made changes to the DOM Trader panel — reduced the size of [More]
This tutorial provides guide on the Quantower Trading Platform settings, parameters and how to create customized workspaces and binds
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Time & Sales panel in Quantower platform got a new feature called Aggregated Trades also known as Reconstructed Tape. This mode allows [More]
بوت التسجيل في احدى الفئات الاربعة لطريق المئة ألف اشتراك شهر مجاني بالجلسات الايف -فئة2- عند الاشتراك بالمنصة ◆ موقع تحميل [More]
Sign up for the Optimus Flow Demo here: The DOM Surface feature of Optimus Flow gives a key to understanding the [More]
The following video will demonstrate how users can log in on the Optimus Trader platform and where they need to enter their [More]
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Get started using TT’s web based and mobile trading platform designed for professional futures traders by learning about the TT workspace. In this video, [More]
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What is a cTID and how to login into your cTrader platform
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