Dan goes over, “Two Income Strategies for a High Volatility Environment.” 1:40 SPX Price chart 5:50 First strategy 11:44 Second Strategy
Dan shares his thought on the concept of Implied Volatility. Also chats about his new online class start Saturday August 8th. Manage [More]
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0:00 -Intro and Welcome 3:20 -Dan shows what Delta Neutral is not using an Apple trade 6:45 -Dan shows what Delta Neutral [More]
Dan goes over a Long Diagonal in SPX
Dan goes over a SPX Weekly Calendar
Dan gives a preview of his next class Managing by the Greeks. Learn more about the class and sign up today here: [More]
In this episode of www.SheridanTV.com, Dan Sheridan goes over tips for trading Iron Condors in High Volatility. He sets up a 10 [More]
1:03- Difference between the IC and the Iron Butterfly 4:45- What happens at 0? 6:15 VIX at 12 8:35- Why not just [More]
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Dan goes over an Iron Butterfly in the SPX
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Dan goes over, “Should I Trade More Directional or Non-Directional Trades?” 0:01- Introduction 1:32- 3 Parts of a Portfolio 5:17- APL Spec [More]
Dan goes over, “Which is Best, Iron Condors or Iron Butterflies?”
Dan answers the question, “Should I Sell High IV in USO and GLD?”
Dan Sheridan Debuts his Live and Interactive options trading show with Johnny Shankle.
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