China & US data show global slowdown, government shutdown and Fed meeting on tap
Markets blow through Oct lows (as predicted) – heading for Feb lows – with no bottom in sight. Pound FXI into the [More]
China is losing the trade ‘war’ but what does success look like? Fed in a lose/lose position, we haven’t seen the bottom [More]
China giving a little (but won’t be enough), Trump goes good cop with the Fed, small caps are dropping dead, limo liberal [More]
Global markets pause on ‘renewed trade war fears’, as AMZN busts through $2000, will talk about our ‘Tredge’ on VXX along with [More]
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France imploding on hubris, Iran pokes (again), Ukraine needs help but Trump loves Putin, China deal will NOT happen any time soon [More]
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Low volume market breaks Oct lows as Americans beat each other to save $10 on a flat screen they don’t need, $2700 [More]
Media more concerned about an illegal invasion than war with Russia, Fed chief speaks Wednesday, Trump/Xi meeting, Black Fri/Cyber Mon beat but [More]
Pence & Xi fight at APEC, Mark & Sheryl fight at home, market heading lower as institutional sellers smell smoke… Take a [More]
The bleeding continues as we look to retest Oct lows (as predicted) on trade war fears, the continuing tech wreck, and silence [More]
TGO members – Greetings from Vegas! Make sure you watch the video below for today’s brief where I give a market SITREP [More]
Market attempts to rally on ‘good’ China news (?), oil rout continues, global issues dominate along with strong dollar
Blue wave turns into a blue puddle as the media go full retard (along with house dems), China, Iran, and Thanksgiving next [More]
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Whiz nails it (again) as he predicted the market would give back half, if not all the past 3 day gains and [More]
After the recent market swoon President Trump looks anxious to get a trade deal done with China and has announced that he [More]
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Trump calls Xi to get some pre-election love for the markets, Brazil president to dig graves for criminals, relief rally on day [More]
Nice 2 hours $2145/68% trade yesterday on our favorite country (except this one) – Brazil, Trump shows China some love (and hate), [More]
PBOC looking to jump in and save capitalism (?) again (?), Iran sanctions hit tomorrow, beware the snap back rally – need [More]
Markets decide it’s a good time to take fall break, long SDS calls working well as a hedge, China bearish trades looking [More]
President doesn’t miss an opportunity to anger his enemies (& some of his friends), FANG earnings may sell on the news, GS [More]
$AMZN nears 1800 as other limousine liberal tech stocks continue to implode, market will act like it did the end of June/early [More]
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What a long strange week it has been – from the swamp implosion to trade war fear/no fear to volatility smashing lower [More]
Market & econ sets record highs as Dems froth at the mouth, AMZN back to life, time to get long volatility before [More]