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WSJ blue blood banks kick off earnings tomorrow as market wallows on China talks, beware the ‘everything going up’ market Register for [More]
Iran rattles its scimitar, China deal starts to stink, EU trade skirmish begins, Trump pounds the Fed Take a 7 day test [More]
9th round of trade talks the charm? China/Russia fighter jet love, close shorts for now and get long vol
Whiz made a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – make a donation to MADD (or if you already made a donation) you will get the [More]
Global rally on with ‘hopes’ of a trade deal, mixed macro data continues – ‘market can remain irrational longer than you can [More]
YUGE talk about trade deal (again…) from the president as he pushes the Fed to cut rates AND to pump money into [More]
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China tensions increase, Brazil hits half the gap and hangs, we’re at record highs (and time to pullback?), limo liberal stocks SUCK [More]
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Trade talks wallow (shocker…), GOOG gets slapped by EU, AMZN airborne again, love Brazil! FDX canary in the coal mine
2 bearish trades on China set to expire for over $5,000 in notional profit, NKE implodes (as predicted), along with with BA. [More]
FOMO rally in full force as the Trump of the Tropics visits DC, China talks wallow, Fed on deck for tomorrow. 7 [More]
Vol and short S&P500 hedges up nearly $5000, bearish weekly options trade up $2100 in 3 days, China may bail on trade [More]
Big misses out of China as news ‘leaks’ of delay in trade deal emerge, AMZN back to life, update on existing trades [More]
China follies in the Pacific, Chinese equities implode, trade talks grim = $2400 in profit in 4 days, Trump says market will [More]
China trade war drags on, mixed macro data last week, AMZN breaks out on upgrade
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Dems drag a rat up to the Hill as the president tries to achieve peace with NK, Powell testifies, quad top fading [More]
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Trade data show U.S. is landing more punches but leaving both bloody and wanting a deal, Q1 earnings outlook not so hot, [More]
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Trade talks drag on with no significant movement/news, macro data and earnings disappoint but bizzarro market doesn’t care
Trump to meet with top China envoy (yawn), market goes higher on awful macro data, nice trades this week! Take a one [More]
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