Market breaks Jan lows, and heading lower, oil and earnings along with slow global growth, Fed Head Wednesday.
Market pulls back on oil minister clown car, review of Urgent Alert portfolio positions, 2 week test flight
U.S. markets rally not on horrible macro data, but news from Japan. SPX bear call spread wins, GDP powered by Obamacare spending, [More]
Rate hike/short squeeze is over, oil headlines, Options House training after the close.
China implodes as U.S. futures waiver, AIG good news, economy sucks, portfolio up 26% in January, grab your 2 week test flight.
Sell the rallies continues, live training tomorrow after the close, Fed “policy error”, JPM agrees with our sell the rallies call.
BOJ bounce ends, conditions still in place for market to fall lower, AAPL weekly options trade, Options House live training tomorrow
Hope aint a strategy, Dudley soothes, oil rebound on words, AAPL weekly iron condor
Dollar faces headwinds as oil catches a bid on oversupply (?), nice AAPL weekly options trade.
Shipping sinks, Fed uncertainty, oil bankruptcies
Weekly options SPX bear call spread up $675 today, China, the Fed, oil and Russia. 2 week test flight
Here at TGO we pounded the bear market with 4 winning bearish trades on SPX, OIH, XLE, and a bullish trade on [More]
N. Korea lights off an H bomb (?), China continues to implode despite government intervention, AAPL rots, live training tonight.
Week 2 of OWS started today, 4 for 4 winning trades from last week, XLE bear call spread, SPX bear put spread, [More]
Register for live trading at 1 today looks like potential dead cat bounce as market ‘recovers’ from China rout, oil stable, [More]
2016 shaping up to be the big one, oil at 2004 lows, patriotic AAPL, light volume as triple digit “rally fades”.
Fed winks and nods that they may have lifted off early, but dont rule out March rise, oil still weak, market to [More]
This is not the bottom, oil spike is a fake, OIH and XLE trades still good along with weekly SPX at max [More]
Special Offers: From Jason: How To Get Started With FOREX From Alla: Fibonacci Exhale Trading Boot Camp From Matt: Top [More]
China halted down (again…), bullish double vertical on SDS well timed, oil at 12 year lows and dropping, AAPL a buy with [More]
Oil under pressure as companies may fold, sell this rally, XLE bear call spread, SPX has more to fall, OWS day 2 [More]
First session the morning with the new OWS subscribers, SPX weekly bear call spread, new trades on XLK and XLE, oil glut [More]
Market continues to implode as our bearish trades continue to make money, sign up for live training Thursday.
Closed SPX bear put spread for nice $2300/150% profit, OWS 4th session this morning long call diagonal with protective put on JPM, [More]
Grab your 2 week test flight here: Live training session where Whiz goes over who he is and what is Top [More]
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