China trade war drags on, mixed macro data last week, AMZN breaks out on upgrade
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Dems drag a rat up to the Hill as the president tries to achieve peace with NK, Powell testifies, quad top fading [More]
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Trade data show U.S. is landing more punches but leaving both bloody and wanting a deal, Q1 earnings outlook not so hot, [More]
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Trade talks drag on with no significant movement/news, macro data and earnings disappoint but bizzarro market doesn’t care
Trump to meet with top China envoy (yawn), market goes higher on awful macro data, nice trades this week! Take a one [More]
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Recent market rally MAY have trade deal priced in, nice trades on EWZ, CSX, MGM, & RTN, time to ditch CME Take [More]
China & U.S. close in on potential trade deal as president orders national emergency on immigration CRISIS, market riding wave of optimism
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Trump ready to make a deal, AAPL pulls and AAPL, FB still sucks, housing bad/GDP bad, still not out of the woods [More]
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Luke warm earnings don’t bode well for the most volatile month of the year coming up in 16 days as government shutdown [More]
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Earnings continue to be a mixed bag as we hover over the 50 DMA
Market continues higher on mixed earnings and a more dovish Fed as China medium heavies head to U.S. next week, February storm [More]
The IMF (not the Tom Cruise one) hits world with slower growth, WH says ‘what trade deal?’, ‘smart money’ not sounding bullish [More]
When the market isn’t doing what you think it should be doing, YOU’RE wrong, not it – time to enjoy bullish longs [More]
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YUGE week ahead for the markets as earnings kick off and most likely will underwhelm, China trade, bombers to HI, and volatility  [More]
China agrees on the shape of the table, larger issues – not so much, Fed minutes today, Fed heads tomorrow (waaaayyyyy too [More]
Officially back on the desk with a lot on deck – China talks start today mid-level, higher level next week, more Fed [More]
Loving Brazil, China looking to make a deal (as it takes over the world), Fed needs to shut it, VIX is flashing [More]
SOC GEN sees 50% drop from here, dems will destroy Trump (and the markets), China & US PMIs slowing
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Government to shutdown as headlines drive the market, GREAT week here at TGO with VXX & TGO. 7 day test flight for [More]