SPX and AAPL weekly options trades hit max profit of $5500, 50 DMA resistance continues, French elections, N. Korea still hot, soft [More]
OWS kicks off today at 430, VXX bullish double vertical, SPX through 50 DMA.
If you loved GS at 245 you gotta love it at 233, I would add to existing position here or add new [More]
AIG puts the Hancock where it belongs, oil breaks 50…look out below…world events on the brink, SPX bull put spread, XLE bear [More]
N. Korea & Syria getting warmer, need to hedge!, Full Throttle In Brief is available to view and is a MUST watch, [More]
Goldman proves once again that they print money in any market condition (because they most likely made the market do that), bad [More]
Market back on upward flight path, GS continues to impress, need portfolio hedges, oil breaks 50, Trump Twitter battle.
Liberals and dems have a bad day with Trump being right about being under surveillance and a terrorist attack by what the [More]
Meeting time in PB (don’t expect much), Full Throttle slots open, close SPX bear call spread from yesterday for $1100/98% profit, holding [More]
Weekly Options session is canceled for today but Whiz will conduct a debrief of 2016 and brief of 2017 at 1 PM. [More]
“Wall Street Geniuses” can’t talk this market lower, YUGE tax relief coming, SPX bull put spread from yesterday’s Urgent Alert up $550, [More]
Blistering ADP number, nearly 300k during Trump’s first month in office (how do you like them apples Barry?), Fed rate hike 100% [More]
Whiz nails the HC debacle as a buying opportunity, GS and SPX trades, on to tax reform, oil gives stocks a boost
Whiz covers a 3 Mar SPX bull put spread and opens up a 2 week test flight for new members: http://go.topgunoptions.com/aboutinttrial Or [More]
Nice $1300/76% gain in 4 days on SPX iron condor, market flat awaiting Dow 20k (yawn), still time to buy vol
Busy week of earnings, Fed meeting, macro economic data, 2 week test flight into Top Gun Options live trading
Tech earnings blowouts (except AMZN…is that still a tech stock?), VIX smashed to 19 year lows (because everything is GREAT! or not…), [More]
Whiz knocked out a joint weekly options/primary live trade brief session this morning and added a SPX weekly bull put spread and [More]
AAPL crushes it, ADP comes in hot, Fed meeting, oil rises on lies, long Goldman Sachs
Only 9 annual Full Throttle slots remain, final live trading session – Trading Weekly Options – is at 1 PM today, AMZN, [More]
Whiz alters his strategic mindset and commit criteria when it comes to trading weekly options under the Trump administration, SPX bear call [More]
Market wallows as expected today, now is the time for action, XOM and AAPL trades this week, oil rise on supply reduction, [More]
New Urgent Alert Bull Put Spread and Portfolio Review on DIS FXI JPM XLF
Vol smashed to 10 as the Dow wallows and attempts a feeble climb to 20k, tech levels act as magnents, SPX weekly [More]
How to employ weekly options in this volatile market to potentially achieve maximum profits. Learn about Top Gun Options proprietary Strategic, Operational [More]
Time to get back into FXI and defense firms, OPEC follies continue as they all cheat, JPM crushing it in AR portfolio, [More]
Nation gets a mud bath in politics/”journalism”, what do politics have to do with the market? (nothing…that’s why you’re not a member…), [More]
S&P500 breaks 2200 with Dow at record highs, GS trade up $3700/8% in ONE week, oil stays up on OPEC, Full Throttle [More]
Whiz covers existing positions in the AR portfolio along with a new AAPL long call diagonal with a protective put. He also [More]
The Arkansas hillbillies pack up and leave, JPM $23k trade, closed EWW and VXX trades for $6,000 gain this week. Heading to [More]