Always trade in your perspective trend and define your loss based on that. Learn from this stop out and apply it your [More]
This is a MUST video to watch. I compared Dow Jones Industrial Average with Dow Jones Transportation and how one acted as [More]
This YouTube video is approx 13 minutes long and I provide my opinion on SPY weekly and daily charts. I also talk [More]
This video will provide detailed explanation of how my one on one teaching service works. After viewing this, you will have better [More]
I purposely didn’t send out the analysis as I was waiting how the markets would open today (due to Greece bailout situation) [More]
All trades called prior the move for learning educational purposes. Why do I post Free trades ? So you could see the [More]
Don’t be fearful, step back and look at big picture especially those who are retiring. Paid analysis for free.
Check out how and why I entered this trade and reason for holding it still with stop. Let the house money treat [More]
I am looking at the weekly chart of gold and looking for a pullback and going into daily for something kind of [More]
Check out how it unfolded and all pieces fell in nicely. Trading technically will factor in fundamental news automatically.
If you showed up to our webinar last week and were paying attention to this educational trade idea on #SPY. It gave [More]
ALL calls made prior the move and in this video I talk about losers so that beginners, intermediate, and even advanced traders [More]
I talked about in my last video of XLU stocks and now we are visiting them back one day after my video [More]
I wanted to make this video because every now and then you will experience that you are not having the best day [More]
I called two trades, one of them gave more than $2 bucks, the second one was stop out for -.25 but thats [More]
Support and Resistance playing huge role and this has been pointed out for last 5 weeks and many many days. Watch past [More]
Not every candle that looks like a hammer is a hammer, there is a lot more to it and I explain it [More]
Learn the psychology of trading by applying the analogies that are around you. Overcoming the fear, emotion, and greed by repetition.
I talk about a short setup on DEO (largest alcohol producer,including Johnnie Walker-my fav). I give out the details by loooking at [More]
ALNY ripped right here right now. More Winners or More Losers ?? always ask the CHART. Again, just my 2 cents opinion [More]
Old resistance becomes new support perfect example. I call my s/o’s BE’s and last winners. Everything you can learn from. $SLCA, $HTZ, [More]
All these calls were made in my FB group. Somehow no stop outs today and all worked beautifully with nice day trading [More]
I talk about my winners and losers so beginner to advance level traders can learn from them. I admit that I let [More]
I am posting this wrap after a while because it has a lesson to learn for every traders out there. Trading in [More]
Beautiful trade on ZIOP that provided 18% profit in less than a week. I share how to tackle these kinda of risky [More]
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
Introducing our trading/health chatroom which is open to anybody to desire to improve their trading but most importantly their health. Join this [More]
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Talking about my calls, I mean all the calls that triggered including stop outs that were called on stocktwits, twitter. Trading is [More]
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