Not every candle that looks like a hammer is a hammer, there is a lot more to it and I explain it [More]
Learn the psychology of trading by applying the analogies that are around you. Overcoming the fear, emotion, and greed by repetition.
I talk about a short setup on DEO (largest alcohol producer,including Johnnie Walker-my fav). I give out the details by loooking at [More]
ALNY ripped right here right now. More Winners or More Losers ?? always ask the CHART. Again, just my 2 cents opinion [More]
Old resistance becomes new support perfect example. I call my s/o’s BE’s and last winners. Everything you can learn from. $SLCA, $HTZ, [More]
All these calls were made in my FB group. Somehow no stop outs today and all worked beautifully with nice day trading [More]
I talk about my winners and losers so beginner to advance level traders can learn from them. I admit that I let [More]
I am posting this wrap after a while because it has a lesson to learn for every traders out there. Trading in [More]
Beautiful trade on ZIOP that provided 18% profit in less than a week. I share how to tackle these kinda of risky [More]
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
Introducing our trading/health chatroom which is open to anybody to desire to improve their trading but most importantly their health. Join this [More]
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Talking about my calls, I mean all the calls that triggered including stop outs that were called on stocktwits, twitter. Trading is [More]
$PBY trade idea based on weekly chart. I also talk about how to put an alert using trendline tool in ThinkorSwim. 3 [More]
Going over the GC trade that I took and how I lined up my trade based on real price action along with [More]
Detailed analysis from monthly chart to 4 hour chart, pointing out support and resistance areas and my take on this dying currency [More]
Check out my trade calls made before move happened on WAG, GRPN, SPXS, SPY, and how to get Free weekly analysis.
Learn how to analyze by step by step. I also discuss how to draw trendlines and how to keep the chart clean [More]
Have a scary Halloween !! Don’t let this chart scare you. This is the type of analysis we send out in the [More]
Putting out a swing trade idea and showing you my secret tool. Doing technical analysis is a tedious work but it can [More]
Detailed market analysis covering major indices, candlestick, and divergence in few instruments. Full video is posted in the group and link is [More]
As usual, providing free prof weekly analysis of SPY. I look into weekly chart and draw out support area and then go [More]
Do you look at the grocery/retail ads and wait for the item to go on sale ? Trader mentality works like that. [More]
Check out my trade calls made including stop outs before move happened on SPY, DDD, FNSR and SINA.
The benchmark (SPY) of the market showed bullish pressure last week and caught many shorts off guard but this video talks about [More]
SPY printed a huge red candle this week in weekly chart. In this video I also talk about what is TA and [More]
Looking at daily and weekly charts of all sectors. I did this video in
We teach quality over quantity. Candlesticks are the backbone of the technical analysis. Master candlesticks to become a successful trader.
Its not about understanding where to draw the lines and indicators on the chart but more about understanding the trading psychology of [More]
Great lesson to be learned and let the alerts and plan work for you.
Market moves where sectors move. All sectors discussed in this video and I also provided some free trading setups. Always look to [More]
This is the analysis that everybody should watch. This is a paid version that I am sharing with general public. I make [More]
Posting a follow up video on #SPY analysis that I put out on September 22nd and it was laid out for public [More]