These 14 minutes of video of ES or SPY analysis is what your paid service should be providing and alerting you about [More]
This presentation talks about scanning for stocks based on your trading style (swing/position trading). If you are beginner, make sure to watch [More]
I just want to say Thanks to all the members and sharing a sample Learning Plan in token of appreciation. I also [More]
Thinkorswim Optimization attempt. In this video, I have covered all the steps that I know to increase the speed for thinkorswim platform. [More]
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Easy and simple to track
I talk about Weekly and Daily SPY analysis and talk about detail analysis discussed in my Elite group.
4 Types of Traders discussed in this video: Scalpers, Day Traders, Swing Traders, Long Term Traders. After watching this video, you will [More]
Death cross or Golden cross, by the time you can act on them, the train has left the station. Quick #SPY analysis [More]
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Sector Rotation Analysis basic intro video. Most of the investors or traders might not even know that benchmark of the market is [More]
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SPY weekly analysis. This video talks mostly about trading psychology behind every trade setup you take. You are the master and you [More]
No tricks only treats that you can learn and apply to trading. Reading price action and finding critical areas to go long [More]
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These 23 minutes of your time will build a strong foundation for your technical analysis approach. Do your own research and feel [More]
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If you notice, all the stocks mentioned in this video are showing an immediate uptrend and I have used special screen criteria [More]
All members get to see updates that we think are crucial for their trading.
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Find the best possibilities with low risk and that have potential of high reward. Does your chat room do that ? No [More]
Even in this slow day, there were day trades trades hidden. Watch UGAZ, COH, and SPY called in twitter before move happened. [More]
This is exactly the day you should stay away or trade the high volatile stocks. ATR is a great tool to determine [More]
It’s not always about posting winners like most of the traders, its about showing mistakes that other traders can learn from and [More]
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