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#Bitcoin sees a nice rebound, but we aren’t out of the woods just yet! $BTC still below the 200 DMA, three weekly tests of the 100 WMA, Tether $1.4 trillion lawsuit, BTC ETF final design by end of this weekend, crypto news, and more!

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Intro Credit:

2:15 〽️ Markets
8:33 Tether in trouble!
12:34 BTC ETF deadline:
12:58 SEC vs ETF:
16:47 Chainlink (LINK) partnerships:
17:39 The power of Bitcoin:

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BITCOIN PUMPING!!! BULLISH Reversal or FAKE OUT?! Altcoins FINALLY Bottomed…?

Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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Crypto Zombie says:

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Get up to $210 FREE BONUS by using link above
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Crypto Archon says:

Good stuff man. Thanks!

Jaspir says:

Another solid video thanks for sharing! I would love a nano please

No Zeros Ninja says:

great vids

Nicholas Gough says:

Great video ☆☆☆

Salomon Sanchez says:

Ledger please.

Martin Svensson says:

I subscribed

MmmPotatoesaregood says:

Nano please?

J.Oswaldo V. Gonzalez says:

Your intro videos are cool!

Chris P Bacon says:

Your intros are the BEST!!! Sooo excited for moon! 🌙 🤣🤣 I started small in late 2017 with a few ptc sites like crypto-clicks. com to get some free btc. Slowly built up to about .01btc by early 2019. Once the bulls came into play in early 19' I convinced my wife to let me use a small amount of our savings to buy more btc, some alts and an antminer S9 & L3+. Sooo excited! Now up to .32 btc and lots of alts 🤣 can't wait till I can get to 1btc! Love this technology!!! Thanks k dub!

Max Cottle says:

Send me a ledger nano

jmartir384 says:

Thanks for keeping it real K dub 💯

FUINY7 says:

QE is backed by debt, not the same as printing tether from thin air. (if that the case)

ZSMacLean says:

I appreciate your trend explanations; keep em coming!

John Jones says:

Pretty sure we will go up by next week

Năm Văn says:

wish to receive the first ledger nano, thanks Dub!

Steven S says:

A visual crypto miner would be cool, like an 8-bit video game style animation of it crunching numbers

Mitchell Buzzard says:

Looking into Chainlink….I think it's the one to watch(aside from BTC) these coming years!!! Although 1B max supply and 350M in circulation I can't for the life of me find how tokens/coins are created or distributed. Some articles say they are awarded for staking or running nodes, but there is no concise info. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Quang Tran says:

Good point, QE to prop up traditional asset values is happening on a much larger scale

LF Online says:

If you need money, ill give you money lmao

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