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Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Gerald Celente, returns to join Gary Franchi on the Next News Network to disclose the truth behind the 2016 stock market crash and how to brace yourself and protect your family in the face of economic calamity.

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nancyxtay says:

❤️ Gerald

Sonny Corbi says:

Mr. doom and gloom his self – So what should we do Celente? Any advice on how to turn it all around and make the world a good place to live in? I mean your so smart – pull us out of this tailspin! Or is all you have to offer bad news with no solution as to how to make it all better – I mean come on Celente give us you're positive make it all better input!
"Mr. I told you so"
So what is it that your selling, Buy my newsletter on how awful things are?

Mike Mcdaniels says:

SO WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT ALL OF THIS? YOU DON'T SUPPLY ANY ANSWERS. (because there are none) The world economy is out of control. 1) Americans can not compete with the orientals. 2) Glass – Steagall is gone 3) China most favored nation.

Noel Saunders says:

all shipping has stopped worldwide, never ever happened before, worldwide economy collapsing, new cars not selling well millions of new cars in every country are sitting in every parking spot they can find, shops, factories everywhere shutting down millions losing their jobs in my country.

Luis defunes says:

Gerald, why do you always get so angry with Franchi?

Dale Winegarden says:

Thanks for your Bloods and Crypts metaphor and for plainly speaking the raw truth to us..Kudos Guys. My question, how do we get the 2 street gangs out of Washington? We the people need to be motivated in a specific direction to save our nation.

Altavian says:

24:55 The United States murdered over one million Iraqis, a country completely unrelated to the couple of thousand that died in the US. Most Americans don't know Rockefeller planned it, (check out Russo, who is eyewitness). So since Americans murdered, very two hundred murdered one Iraqi ( minus kids in US) and they think 911 is not Bush/Rckefeller Job, its all a bit confusing– I suppose they would be wise to figure it out.

Altavian says:

10:10 Saudi break even price is NOT 100 US, it is maybe 15 US, lowest in the world. Saudi has 700 billion at least that they can draw upon. Bahrain is the same. So the "pattern" at 12:12 is exactly correct, but with a few errors, so I still think it is a good analysis

Altavian says:

Celente is smart but full of air, but he is right, no basic recovery from 2008–guess I needed to tell the facts. 2016? Good as any guess–don't think the FED rolls over too easily–this is the satanic wealth of the Vatican and Rothschild combined!

José Santos says:

Fed's QE 4 is coming. Just a matter of time.

Tigerpaws9097826 says:

Gerald, to his credit, is well-informed. But it's prudent to take his time-limited predictions with a grain of salt; like most people who predict what is going to happen in the upcoming year or so, his accuracy record is not good.

In 2008, for example, Gerald made some predictions of things that would occur by 2012; America would experience a revolution and food riots, people would abandon the giving of gifts for Christmas other than food, and the country would become an undeveloped nation. Well, it's 2016 now, and while circumstances are undeniably difficult and fragile, none of those things have happened to date.

We humans, if we're watchful, can get a sense of our probable future by watching trends as Gerald does, but there's no one apparent who can say when that future will arrive. What's going to happen in 2016? Nobody knows.


Obama = Fiction Peddler

Diane Moran says:

fraud and corruption is so bad in New Jersey there is damn novel about it..seriously..after the first few pages I stopped reading it..I also don't want to hear shit when the state starts it's waaaaaaaah..we have no money…Nope..anty up assholes…and it continues…makes you wonder

wilbert williams says:

Great show!!

wilbert williams says:

I love your analogy starting at 16:05!! It was an all time best!   5 stars!

Michael E. says:

"You mean its a scam, that russian girl who wants to meet me??" – that was good!

frederic nathan Legein says:

he is good , good video , keep it up .

Tom Dockery says:

Why won't the Jews let us bet on sports?

Mike Flynn says:

New Yorker Celente is an Honest John, and calls out the scum for what they are. It's great you have him on, he's a favorite of mine, cheers Gary.

Brian smith says:

Dude we are only a few % below all time highs in the market. Take a chill pill.

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