Central Bank Engineered COLLAPSE & NWO | James Corbett

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— This interview was recorded on Sep. 17th, 2015.—
– Fed keeps rates low ►0:29
– The stock market crash will continue ►7:21
– The central banks will use the crisis to bring about the New World Order ►15:13
– How will centralization of global power affect the average person? ►23:50

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They will push for internet control and digital money, for security they will tell you for you but real for them!


Everything is an inside job. That is control!


All disparity is by design!


In 2008-8 it was bail out the banks. Now its bail out the central banks!

digi051669 says:

I don't think so. The SDR's will not replace the USD as its paper too. When paper fails you have to go back to PM and not paper. IMF has shown that it does not welcome the RMB. When it does welcome it, it will be used like a fiddle by China to change global central bank FX make up. Sorry, but your SDR proposition isn't going to fly.

jim cognition says:

Good interview, good info.

shareofhonor says:

Another person who knows absolutely nothing pretending  he knows something.

dougknpe says:

the market is organic will push rates on its own soon , they are using swaps and derivitives to keep low but starting to see cracks, I don't even watch markets anymore just going to be a day were it all blows up, it's going to be soon , honesty starting to belive there is another natural event going to happen were all this won't matter why they don't care were fiat goes won't matter if planet is come apart at the seams, y all the undergound bases , y all the food storage, if u simply step back and look what all countries r doing its simply to see there is something much larger happening

Mal Capone says:

Thanks guys for this informative interview. I have been following things of this nature for a long time now and I just want to say that James Corbett really "hits the sweet spot" of truth analysis and commentary. I follow a number of truth researchers, but I find that often, although I have no doubts about their integrity, they seem to lack an overall picture and the inter-connectedness of seemingly unconnected events and agenda. Other researchers often leave themselves open to ridicule – and again I have no doubts about their integrity – but they often convey their message in an overly emotional manner….. So thanks, James for time after time producing a well informed and articulate commentary! Once again I have put your interview on Facebook, but it is pointless me commenting on it because I am completely in accord with what you are saying. Great Job, mate!

jefftri says:

13:58 why would foreign economies borrow in US dollars and invest in their own currencies as a carry trade if they are bullish on the US dollar? A dollar collapse would work in their favor here, he has it backwards.

nomad07XX says:

IMF is an empty husk and broke, SDRs are just fiat based on fiat. If central banks, the imf and BIS are still around after the collapse, we're idiots and deserve the slavery we'll be put in….

MrBangers111 says:

Nice to see two of my favorite Alt news guys on the same channel. Rate hike will come but not until the USD shows signs of weakening.

randy smith says:

NWO commercial now playing on fox news. We have no rights, its all nice and legal with exec orders. Now they just need an event to kick the agenda in. Finance might kick it off, might be CERN, might be the wrath of God. We'll see. Brace for impact

Before SHTF says:

the fed is very much in trouble period … this is a warning sign sent out to those in the know that the next step in the elitist agenda is coming … thank you and lots of luck to all sub-humans …

Tigersage3113mdc says:

Then again, Martin Armstrong has said the Fed is like a kangaroo driving a taxi.  They don't know what the fuck their doing.

Anita A says:

very interesting. Thanks James for bringing in the NWO agenda. I just told a friend, at this time they are taking us to the next step.  The migration out of middle east is a part of this step also. I am not sure what to think about the SDR eclipsing the $ part. Some agree with that others say whatever is next will be gold backed.  Some say China is the next RC.  It will be interesting to see what actually happens.  Great interview thank you Elijah & James.

firstflyover says:

It's So EZ To See When You Just Look…

Jason Chua says:

What is the point of Negative rates when you can print money. Think simply they are pointing you in the wrong direction. Why argue over rates when the FED is a banking cartel it is not members of the America Economic revival committee.

Leo Lax says:

James you are idiot

Jason Chua says:

It is the New Global evil.

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