Chanukah Gift #4 – A Very Reliable Dip Buying Pattern

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Today’s gift is possibly the best gift yet as this pattern has made me tens of thousands of dollars this year alone and remember I’m trading with a small account so cherish this kind of play, it’s working GREAT in this market environement


NeverFail Gaming says:

He was signing off at 14 minutes i was like what. The hek

NeverFail Gaming says:

Didnt see ndev I LOVE dip buying these aswell as you can get a great bounce gimme is the word gotta be in the chatroom 🙂 or read the good watchlists you create

SEO experimentations says:

Same pattern on BCEI caught it after the morning the morning panic and sold at 0.95 taking the meat of the move! such an easy an profitable pattern. If the morning spike down occurs the mid-day trading range will create a nice bottom for the shares to rocket back up. #easymoney

Gecko says:

Do you have a DVD that teaches you how to make watchlists so you can find stocks like the ones in this video?

jordan tapp says:

Thank you Tim!

Credit Repair says:

thanks Tim

what a shambles says:

Im not so sure , jumping in and out daily trying to beat the algo's ?
treeshakes are happening all the time , I like to look at the earnings,volume and newsflow ,
research takes days , what am I missing ?

Terrence Dabney says:

Tim Sykes for fucking president!

Terrence Dabney says:

Awesome! How did I not see this pattern?!?!

More Peace says:

Thanks for sharing your priceless knowledge!#Wealthandhealth

Patrick Whalen says:

About to watch trader checklist. Thanks for the free knowledge and the not so politically correct language!

Laura Avila says:

thank you for thw hard work you put in ?

Mazilu Bogdan says:

12:50 -> 13:40 – No Comment. I respect people with this mentality. I respect people who continue to work hard even tho` have a lot of money and can simply don`t bother . I much appreciate the effort for those videos, your drive to teach and your overall mentality. Everybody should prefer taking lessons and listening to somebody who started from the bottom against somebody who started as a millionaire or even worse to liers. It`s 1:30am in Romania and at 7am i need to go to work but i`m not going to sleep until taking notes from those videos! Thanks!

Matthew Marak says:

Tim was able to dip buy BCEI bought in at .77 w/879shares and sold at the end of the day at 1.10
Beent aking advantage of your free videos!! Thank You so much!!!

Matt Riaz says:

Dip buy thanks tim

Tristan MacInnes says:

Thanks Tim! Ive watched couple dvd's and watched plenty of video lessons + Trader checklist and after 8 months of learning , I finally get it! It clicked in my head and i'm starting to become more and more profitable, cant thank you enough!

Ned Hawkins says:

Is stocks to trade a good software to use in U.K.

Mohamed Naggar says:

i started to love this chanukkah XDD


"Dip buy panic when the stock is still strong." Do you mean strong fundamentally, or strong as in there is a good catalyst that supports that prior uptrending? (And always watch for support/ bottoming.)

By the way, I think Trader Checklist is the most concrete, potent source of trading education right now, next to that Mark Croock volume webinar. Thanks Tim.

Suzie Shottenkirk says:

Great Lesson today on Dip Buying!! Thanks for all you do….SuzieQ

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