Chanukah Gift #5, A Guide To, The Stock Scanning Software I Use

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I use every single day and think you should too, try it out at during our holiday special and Happy Chanukah to all!


Robinson Enterprises says:

great video man definitely got me pumped up for this platform I've been researching day trading for a little over a year now without actually getting my feet wet really excited for the paper trading is that going to be a free thing or do you have to already be a subscriber to this platform to sample it out also is there going to be hot Keys available for day trading appreciate your time great video thanks

Frank says:

This is outstanding, truly grateful for your Chanukah gifts and for Tim Bohen putting this together for us. Thank You!

GENIUS316 says:

No surprise: another paid service

Marcos Pelegrin says:

Thanks Tim!!! I'm still studying, not trading yet…

diggininyofridge says:

What broker allows shorting OTC stocks and has good borrows?

Stock God/Eric Miller says:

Hey Tim thanks for this STT info video!.. will you guys ever create an app for STT?!..

micky bang-bang says:

skip this boring bullshit

micky bang-bang says:

first to make 1 million dollars I want my Kippah

TheSlot1942 says:

Shut up and take my money! Daddy likes! lol

Mr Troll says:

Thanks T. Bohen. You have no idea how much this means to us all!

Pennystocks AF says:

You added a bunch of stuff since the beta. Looks GREAT!

Mr Troll says:

Cant wait for broker intergration, IB level 2 sucks d*ck

Sainbayr Sainaa says:

Thank you so much for being good mentor for us who really want to understand Stock Market. BTW i've been learning from your lessons 6 months also those lessons are such a inspiring and meaningful. @TimothySykes

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