Charles Nenner: Market crash starts in 2017. How to trade now // stock market collapse, recession

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Charles Nenner: Market crash starts in 2017. How to trade now // stock market collapse 2017, recession coming, stock market collapse imminent today, stock market crash explained, when will the market crash, when will the stock market crash, stock market crash predictions, oil market crash, oil market collapse, bond market crash 2017

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Thomas Davis says:

awesome video David thank you very much keep them coming

Xayer says:

I don't see a crash coming this year. 2018 yes because a bull market can only go so long but the only stock I see that's real overvalued is tesla. Tesla is now down much lower so that's a good sign. Job reports, are coming in good, earnings are coming in good. A big issue we are seeing is global interest rates are negative forcing Europeans to put their savings in blue chips. Pensions are failing in Europe making blue chips the only choice for Europeans . The thing is it's hard to pinpoint what blue chips most Europeans are buying and whether or not the value increasing is in line with earnings. With all this said I believe if LePen is elected within a year she will offer a referendum leaving the EU which would cause a collapse in the euro with so much European money in American blue chip stocks this could cause significant damage to our stock market. He other way is 2018 trump administration choosing to raise interest rates. Either or my opinion.

ashxyz2008x3 says:

We got to get him back, he was spot on with regards to Gold. It did touch 1300 and then went down. So what is his take on silver now especially since it has been smashed down very hard.

ESponge2000 says:

I think it is difficult from a chart perspective, though not impossible, to be calling crash in the near future. Longterm Trends have inertia and when forces over months or years are in uptrend, before you can even have a crash, this has to first deteriorate. We are not seeing that. If it comes on we will inevitably but it hasn't yet.

craigk621 says:

I love this "no ifs and buts" approach. So many say .. maybe this maybe that.

Tom Boardman says:

pour some $ilver on me! :-$

Charles Wilson says:

Smart name Charles.

dp sivam says:

good…if it is for entertainment it is ok, but mention it in your video that it is for entertainment.

Roland Parks says:

Another good video David.

K Panda says:

on fire brother. keep them coming!

Anthony Thornhill says:

great video as usual…sadly, I do think a correction is coming

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